Construction on Hyundai’s Metaplant America site to begin soon

Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 4:22 PM EDT
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BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s an array of cranes now but drivers along I-16 in Bryan County can soon expect to see buildings go up at Hyundai’s Metaplant America site.

During Tuesday’s county commission meeting, the project’s lead inspector told the board that steel for key areas is scheduled to arrive Wednesday.

That means metal will start going up as early as next week.

“As far as our work, we’re where we need to be,” said Carter Infinger, the Chair of the Bryan County Board of Commissioners.

Board chairman Carter Infinger says temporary office buildings and dining facilities for workers are also expected.

“They’re going to do a temporary canteen out there to feed those workers. They’re bringing food in their everyday. They’re not cooking anything out there, but they have a 45-hundred square foot tent, so to speak.”

The project’s lead inspector says the flagship paint building has received conditional approval.

He says the site has a total of seven ongoing foundational sections.

Crews are also working to mitigate dust concerns in the area with 15 trucks that water down the site daily.

“There is some water that’s pooled up by 16. That was because the DOT had broken up a few beaver dams on the other side of the property and it kind of settled there. But they’re taking that water to use it in the trucks and keep the dust down.”

The site is expected to bring more than $8,000 jobs and produce 300,000 electric vehicles each year.

Production is slated to start in early 2025.

The county is continuing to review site plans and work with Hyundai about what is allowed to be built including a large sign that Infinger says the company wanted to put on the site of a future building.