Patrons at the Masters adjust to no cell phones allowed rule

Published: Apr. 4, 2023 at 4:25 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WTOC) - As we know there are a lot of rules patrons at the Masters have to keep in mind at Augusta National.

But perhaps one of the most challenging for them to adjust to in this day and age no cell phones allowed.

As you look around Augusta National almost everyone has their hands full. Whether it’s food, drinks, merchandise, or a golf club.

But what you won’t find in anyone’s hand a cell phone.

“This guy right here, he’s having a fit without a phone,” Chuck Zellen said.

Which can take some getting used to.

”Hello, hello, I can’t hear you. You sound like you’re underwater,“ Arthur Messina said.

”We’ve been here a half an hour and he’s already made a phone call.“

”I remember a number and everything.”

Even 9-year-old Ace Lowie, who doesn’t yet have a phone, has seen the impact at least for his mom.

”She left it in the car and she’s like, ‘where’s my phone?’

While some may not agree on the phone ban.

”It is perfect, it’s wonderful, it is wonderful. They’re talking to me today. It’s great,” Lindsay Holloway said.

Although wives who stayed at home with the kids may not be as thrilled.

”We texted this morning, ’hey we’re in the parking lot, love you talk to you later.’“

”This morning? I did that two days ago.”

So, even though it can come with its setbacks.

”Wonder what’s going on at work, wonder if anyone needs me, I hope everybody is okay. If anything goes wrong or there’s an emergency nobody is going to be able to find me.”

It seems without a phone to stare at people are finding other perhaps more important things to look at.

”It allows you to take in all the scenes, take in the experience a lot more without being tied to your phone. It makes you appreciate it a lot more.”

Appreciating the Masters and those around you.

”Not having one is going to make for a very special day. Talking and comradery-ship,“ Arthur Messina & Chuck Zellen & Danny Shelley said.

”What’s that?“

”A ship of comradery.“

”He wants another black eye.”

And maybe it’s just one more reason to come back to Augusta.

”We’ll have to try and come back here every year so for one day I can talk to my kids,” Holloway Family said.