Look back at an enjoyable week at Augusta National

Published: Apr. 7, 2023 at 3:20 PM EDT
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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WTOC) - The 87th Masters is underway, with the final two rounds to be played this weekend.

The WTOC team has enjoyed a fantastic week in Augusta. Players and fans from around the world coming together to watch and enjoy The Masters.

Sam Bauman was there all week – his first ever time at Augusta National - and he said the experience could be possibly undersold.

Now, it is hard to explain unless you’ve been here but luckily some patrons helped describe what makes Augusta National so special.

“This place is heaven on Earth if you enjoy the game of golf. So, no doubt you have to get out here if you have the opportunity to.”

For patrons who did have the opportunity to get to here this week one word came to mind.

“Bucket list man.”

“Thrilled to be here - bucket list.”

“Bucket list item.”

In fact, for some, it’s as big as the big game itself.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to get out here and see the Super Bowl of golf, it’s just unbelievable,” Scott Hunter said.

“This is it. I mean other than the Super Bowl, it’s the Masters,” Arthur Messina said.

“There’s no place on Earth like it.”

Well, maybe it’s the course itself.

“God the green. I mean this is probably better green than I’ve ever played on. Like, best golf course you can ever imagine. Just the walkways are so much greener than those,” Logan Elliot said.

The unmatched attention to detail. “Every blade of grass is right where it’s supposed to be. It’s just incredible,” Hunter said.

Or maybe it’s the people.

“This is heaven here. Everyone is so nice, we’re frightened. We’re from the northeast where everyone is mean, but everyone is nice here,” Andrew Morse said.

Oh, and you can’t forget the food. “You should try the chicken sandwich and BBQ sandwich because I here they’re really good,” Collin Davis said.

But maybe it’s no one thing that makes Augusta National and the Masters a bucket list item, but a combination of all that all in one place at one time, and maybe it’s hard to find the words to describe it because someone already has.

“I would say Jim Nantz says it best, ‘it’s like no place else on Earth,’” Danny Shelly said.