Over 1,000 people volunteering at the 2023 RBC Heritage

Published: Apr. 13, 2023 at 4:08 PM EDT
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HILTON HEAD ISLAND, Sc. (WTOC) - The RBC Heritage runs on volunteers - 1,550 this year to be exact which is the most they’ve ever had.

They even had to close down volunteer registration because so many people were wanting to come out and help.

Now that we’re underway, you might not notice them on tv, but they truly are everywhere.

While the golfers get all the attention for their play, none of it would be possible without the folks in these yellow shirts like Donald Jones.

“I’m a co-captain here on hole number one.”

It’s his 12th year here keeping crowds under control but he’s only been a hole captain for the last few meaning a whole bunch of extra responsibility.

“Our organizational part of this starts months before the tournament,” said Jones.

Going above and beyond the normal responsibilities at the course, as it almost becomes a part-time job leading up to when the golf world comes to Hilton Head.

“We’re getting the list of volunteers that are assigned to us. We have to look at what their shift preferences are, when they’re available.”

All of that without pay, as he and hundreds of others volunteer their time for this tournament. The guy looking over each and every one of them, saying the RBC Heritage simply doesn’t happen without people like Donald.

“They’re thanking me and it should be the other way around I should be thanking them because again, we can’t do it without them and they’re just ecstatic to be in the environment,” said Mike Manesiotis, the General Chairman of the volunteers at the RBC Heritage.

Our favorite mustached hole one co-captain, explains why he feels exactly that way.

“I think it’s the enjoyment of being around, being inside the ropes, being with the players, being with the other members of the team.”

Donald said over on hole one, they’ve got 35 people just for those few hundred yards. They’re covering everything from crowd control to ensuring player safety and even traffic management on the road past it.