Searching for Answers: Finding Kevin Reid’s killers

Six years of searching and the case has gone cold
Published: Apr. 13, 2023 at 12:12 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The men responsible for killing art gallery owner Kevin Reid are still running free more than six years after his murder.

According to Savannah Police on the night of September 21, 2016, Kevin Reid and his wife Kari were walking home from dinner on Drayton Street in Savannah.

Police say once they turned onto Waldburg Street, they were attacked and Reid was shot.

Reid’s siblings Michael Reid and Leonie Atkinson live in Australia. They told WTOC they received a call from Kari just a few hours after the attack.

“It was me who got the first call “ said Michael Reid. “Kari was distraught she was absolutely sobbing and crying and saying it’s all her fault”.

Atkins got the call a few hours later.

“All Kari remembers is being pushed by Kevin onto the road” explained Atkins. “They only saw two people but there was a third hiding in the bush and that’s where the shot came from, it came from behind and then they were gone”.

According to the police report Reid was taken to the hospital where he later died.

“The Savannah police told us they think it may have been gang related but we don’t know. We know nothing” said Atkins.

For the past six years, Police and the community have been fighting to find the men who did this.

The WTOC investigative team did some digging through the police report. It claims that Kari didn’t remember anything being said to them before Reid was shot.

As for who’s responsible, the description given was vague. The report says, “Black male, medium complexion, wearing a bandana and the other two were also Black males”.

Our team asked Savannah Police how close they are to making an arrest. The department said they couldn’t get into detail about tips or interviews they’ve done.

“This case is one of those ones that are frustrating because you get a lot of tips and when you get them you think man this will be the one that gets you over the top,” said Detective Zachary Burdette.

But that’s not what happened, according to Burdette their leads have run out and the case has gone cold. According to the police report no one saw anything the night of the shooting.

Reid’s siblings believe someone knows more about what happened that night.

“Our brother was an amazing guy, he had friends from all over the world,” said Atkins. “He had 100 people come to his memorial and he had only been in Savannah a few months”.

Burdette says his team is looking through the case any chance they get. Checking to see if there are any clues they missed.

“If anybody has any information even if it’s the smallest bit, you just never know that could lead to something else,” said Atkins.

“People who are willing to take someone’s life don’t need to be on the street,” said Burdette.

There is currently a $10,000 reward for anyone who can give information that will lead to an arrest. You can call CrimeStoppers at 912-234-2020 with any tips or information you may have.