Building on a foundation of joy

Gary Sinise foundation is building a smart home for a local hero
Published: May. 23, 2023 at 4:10 PM EDT
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RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - WTOC first introduced you to Sgt. 1st Class Ryan Davis in November of last year.

Davis lost both his legs and an arm while deployed as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan.

But despite what he lost he continues to find joy in every day he’s been given since.

“My problems are very real, every day you wake up to them. You build yourself strong in character so that when these things come up you can still be happy. You can still enjoy the great things life does have to offer inside of the pain you go through every day. I always thought of this as a token that our country asked me to carry and I will gladly carry it until we’re done here and I’m going to have a good time doing it.”

And Tuesday he and his family were able to find plenty of joy.

The Gary Sinise Foundation is in the process of building the Davis family a specially adapted smart home to help him live more independently.

While they’re now about halfway through, friends and family came out to assist with a crucial part of the construction insuring their new home is built on a foundation of love.

Arriving at his new home today was a bit surreal.

“Amazed I would probably say.”

Ryan and Asia Davis’ home may not quite be done yet but it was certainly full Tuesday.

“It feels amazing having all our new neighbors and my friends and my builder all intertwined with each other, it makes butterflies dance in my belly,” Ryan Davis said.

The home being built and paid for by the Gary Sinise Foundation.

“We come into communities and we’re looking to help support the veterans who have sacrificed so much since post 9/11,” Andy Jahnsen said.

A sacrifice Ryan willing made never once expecting to be repaid but knowing where he lives not all that surprised.

“I put all my chips in a certain pile and not everybody wins every bet but now America is built back up my chip pile and I’m super thankful to live in the greatest country in the world. Super thankful for it,” Davis said.

While the home when completed will be full of the latest innovative tech, making it more accessible for Ryan.

“He can be fully independent, all on his own. He can clean, he can do it all.”

The thing he’s most excited to be in it is something he’s had all along.

“Asia and Knox have made the last year and a half a sweeter joy of life than I ever knew in my first 35 years.”

So, as he looks around his new home, it’s likely Ryan won’t see what’s on the surface, but rather the what’s beneath it.

The reminders that this home was built on a foundation no storm can shake and it’s full of something that no one can ever take from him joy.

“And when you really need it, when you really need it, when you’re dead in the bed just rolling over for life, I think that tool and that resiliency is going to cut through the adversity of what’s in front of you.”