Substitute teacher arrested following incident at Guyton Elementary in Effingham Co.

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 5:47 PM EDT|Updated: May. 23, 2023 at 6:15 PM EDT
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EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A substitute teacher who worked for the Effingham County School District has been arrested.

23-year-old Tony Davis is now charged with terroristic threats and acts a misdemeanor.

The WTOC investigates team discovered this all stemmed from an incident at an elementary school.

Effingham County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Yancy Ford says Tony Davis was substituting at Guyton Elementary when he made inappropriate comments to children in the classroom.

The principal of the school got involved soon after Davis was arrested by the Guyton Police Department Monday, according to Chief James Brelectic.

“There was an incident that happened at Guyton Elementary School where a substitute teacher made comments which resulted in the principle going to the classroom and asking the substitute teacher about the comments made in the fifth-grade class.”

The situation leaving 23-year-old Tony Davis facing terroristic threat charges happened on May 18.

In a message to parents, the principal of Guyton Elementary says quote, “When I was informed, I immediately removed the substitute from the classroom and escorted him to the front office where he was questioned.” He goes on to say, “After the individual left campus, I went back to the classroom to let the students know that they are safe and that they will never see this individual at our school again.”

Chief Brelectic says they were called to investigate the same day the threats were made.

A warrant for Davis’ arrest says he verbally threatened to commit a murder. Chief Brelectic says it’s been hard to nail down exactly what was said by Davis that scared students.

“We’re still investigating part of it and following up on basically what was sad. We’re dealing with about 24 students. Everybody hears something totally different.”

Chief Brelectic says they acted quickly because they take every threat no matter how big or small seriously.

“With the activity that’s been going on in various schools, shootings and other instances whatsoever, all law enforcement take any kind of accusation very, very seriously. “This was a fifth-grade class which put the students uneased.”

Superintendent Dr. Ford says they recruit their substitutes through ESS, but the district trains and performs background checks on substitutes like Davis. Dr. Ford says HR is looking into Davis’ previous work as a substitute in the district.

WTOC Investigates found Davis does not have a prior criminal record in Effingham County.