Ahead of the Storm: Preparing pets for evacuations

Published: May. 30, 2023 at 8:08 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It’s tongues out and tails waggin’ on a sunny day at Dogtopia of Thunderbolt.

Owner Kelli Wolfsheimer says as we head into summer vacation season, and you’re boarding your pet, she asks one simple thing:

“You might be thinking, ‘Oh, I’ve got nothing to worry about, you may take a trip, be gone for a month, it’s really important to have a good emergency contact on file because if we were to close, and the rescues are the same way, we need to evacuate all the dogs,” said Wolfsheimer.

If you do struggle with evacuating with your pet, Dogtopia will board in some storm situations, but make sure your pet is vaccinated beforehand.

“This is what gets most people is that they think their vaccinations are up to date and they’re not really. You should have bordatella, distemper, and rabies.”

“Stress can get the better of you If the time comes when you need to evacuate and it can also get the better of your pet. Even if you have the best fur baby, you may want to call your vet for a prescription.”

“Dogs are going to be heighten aware that something’s not right... You can ask your vet ahead of time a prescription of trazadone to make sure your dog is sedate. Also you can get CBD treats at PetSmart.”

If not a prescription then maybe CBD. But you don’t want to accidentally overdose Fluffy or Fido.

“Human CBD is not the same as what’s in the animal treats. It can be really dangerous for a dog. Avoid giving them over the counter if you’re not familiar. Usually a benedryl is fine, but avoid giving them anything you would take. Tylenol is not good for dogs.”

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