‘I was in shock’: Man shares experience watching alligator chase another man

Published: Jun. 26, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT
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HILTON HEAD ISLAND, Sc. (WTOC) - A man fishing in Hilton Head lured in something a lot bigger than a fish.

In Micah Kimberlin’s now viral cell phone video, a man with a fishing pole is chased by an alligator. There were no injuries reported from the incident but it sure shocked those who saw.

“There was a lady behind me who just screamed and it scared me and caused me to hit my record off button so that is why it ends and then I continue pick it up a few seconds later,” Kimberlin explained. “I was in shock that it actually came out of the water, but I was kind of like why isn’t this guy leaving way before that alligator got to the bank.”

While on vacation on Hilton Head Island, Kimberlin was out on a bike ride with his wife and kids when they saw an alligator and stopped to watch.

“I noticed it come from one pond into the other pond, where this took place. As it came to this pond it headed straight for the fisherman,” Kimberlin explained. “I kept recording to see what was about to take place.”

Kimberlin has been vacationing on Hilton Head Island for more than three decades.

“I’ve stayed pretty much all around the Hilton Head Island so I grew up knowing that there are alligators there,” he explained.

The video has been viewed all over social media and shared through several news outlets.

“You know if something bad were to happen, we would have to leave because we wouldn’t want our children to see something like that. It was shock honestly, we were in a lot of shock.”

Kimberlin says ironically on the way to Hilton Head Island, he warned his son that there may be alligators around and told him they run really fast.