Local ‘heartist’ focusing on making art with heart

Savannah native, Amelia Jamerson, is known for the heart she puts into and all over her work
Published: Jun. 29, 2023 at 11:50 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The Plant Riverside District is full of food, entertainment and, of course, art.

Including a local illustrator who is living out her dream in the city she grew up in.

Using her small shop to send a big message.

“I realized at a really young age, fortunately, that I really love creating and I’d be a fool not to pursue that forever because that’s what makes me ultimately happiest.”

Amelia Jamerson isn’t your typical artist.

“I call myself a ‘heartist.’

Which is, “a hybrid of artist with heart,” explains Jamerson.

Heart that covers her work, literally

“I put hearts in all of my artwork,” Jamerson says.

While the hearts are easy to spot now, it took some searching for Amelia to initially find hers.

“This really all started as a coping mechanism in theory. For six months I moved to Tel Aviv Israel. I was so homesick, so I would journal to myself, things to make me feel better, happy little messages, then I’d doodle with it. That’s how this all snowballed into this whole little joyful world because it made me feel even better to write and draw with it.”

Of course, Amelia would need more than heart and a good message to make this her career.

“Looking back, I’m like, ‘how did I come to this point?’ It was a lot of work.”

A lot of work and a lot of miles.

“On the weekends I’d clock out and then hit the road and travel anywhere within eight hours of Savannah and sell my art in any festival or market I could get into. That was my little 5-year roundabout.”

After years of grinding, this Savannah native would find her permanent home here in her hometown.

“It’s the best! It’s the best.”

Bringing her art to the Plant Riverside District.

“Most people are like, ‘I had to come in it’s so colorful and happy I gotta see what it’s all about.’”

Amelia letting her ‘heartwork’ speak for itself, hopefully pumping your world full of as much color as hers.

“I hope that people leave feeling a little warmer. I want their soul to smile. I want someone to read a message and shift their perspective if they’re having a rough day or a tough chapter in their life. It’s just a little tweak of perspective, a silver lining if you will. That’s what my intention is, for people to see the brighter side of life. A little happy, in art form.”

Check out some of Amelia’s work here.