Back to School 2023: Grownups go back to school

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Published: Jul. 26, 2023 at 9:07 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - From classes to workbooks you can prepare for the GED or general education development test or GED in numerous ways.

For those in the Savannah area, one option could be the Royce Learning Center offers the ACE or Adult Community Education program.

The leaders of the program say they meet the students where they are, serving a wide range of levels and capabilities,

“When kids breakthrough with reading or we see the adults do the same thing and they get their GED. We change the their lives when that happens so there is no better feeling out there. We have a little celebration here when somebody passes their GED, their life is changed.

“Just knowing that you are giving them some hope you are giving them some ambition to okay, well I got my GED just think what else I can do,” Eva White said. White has volunteered with the ace program for 20 years.

“I’m in here trying to get ahead, trying to get better at it. To be able to share knowledge once I get it, with someone else,” Jeffery Childs explained.

Childs is a student in the ACE program, he has been working to get his GED for 37 years.

“In that period of time, I always started went for a year or couple of months, Life stops, things change, so I never gave up on it, I was always pursing it and you know at this age I’m still trying to get my GED because I like learning. I don’t plan to stop here. After I get into real estate, I plan to go to college and go from there and become an educator. That is my goal at this age,” Childs said.

Childs’ tutor Jeff Jones retired from his career as a lawyer in New York and was looking for ways to give back so he became a tutor with the ACE program.

“I try to help them think it through so they can figure out the answers for themselves. They are variably smart enough to do it. It’s just a matter of getting the confidence or learning the underlying technical stuff they need to be able to do that,” Jones said.

Jones says Childs is one of the highlights of his time volunteering...

“I’m proud of him. He is just a great guy, and it makes me feel like I have been of help when I am seeing him able to do that and he is doing it on his own. I’m not doing much for him but to feel that I am participating in a small way in his development is just great.”

In order to get your GED, you must pass four tests on topics: Social studies, science, mathematical reasoning, and reasoning through language art.

You are able to take the GED tests at Savannah Tech.

“I think all of our students are successful. I think that when they walk through that door they have made a decision to come, and they persevere when they are in class. They continue to study, they come every day and be able to go and make those successes and milestones even if they are not going to get their GED right away there are milestones that they make through progress testing and so forth.

The school offers prep course and pathways into specific career training.

“We have offered hospitality in the past because of the tourism and hospitality in the Savannah area. We also offer forklift safety because of the warehousing that is so prevalent. We continue to look at the demands in the workforce and how we can look at ways that those classes would be in demand in the industries,” Dr. Jacqueline Korengel, the dean of adult education at Savannah Tech, explained.

No matter where you take classes or what book you use to study making the decision to get started is the first step.

“It’s the courage it takes people to come back to school. And to be empowered. In my opinion, I think education is empowerment and if you haven’t had an opportunity to complete your high school diploma and get on a path of more education and have your children and grandchildren see that. I think it is a different kind of education, it is very rewarding,” Dr. Korengel said.

" I would encourage anyone to pursue your goals, whatever goals you have for yourself, pursue it. It is something you have to work at every day,” Childs added.