Make A Wish grants 10-year-old’s wish to be a Savannah Banana

Make-A-Wish helped a young boy become a Savannah Banana for the day. (Source: WTOC)
Published: Aug. 2, 2023 at 11:03 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - A 10-year-old came all the way from Massachusetts to live his dream of being a Savannah Banana!

Make a Wish made the visit possible for Mark and his family.

Mark has a rare seizure disorder and is just one of three people in the world diagnosed with it.

His mom says he has 2 to 300 a day and there are no FDA approved treatments for the condition.

She explains the nickname on his jersey actually comes from how he copes with his disorder.

Mark’s mother said, “it’s Swaggy. So the nickname came from - he also likes soccer and he was at a soccer camp probably like four years ago. It was before the pandemic - three or four years ago - and he always has to wear his sunglasses and a hat and some kids were making fun of him. In baseball, it’s like part of the uniform but in soccer, some kids were making fun of him. There was an older girl who was about 12 who was like ‘I think it gives him swagger’ and it just kind of stuck. He asked his summer baseball coach, who had been calling him Hollywood and he hated it, he was like ‘can you call me Swaggy?’ And then it just stuck and people only call him Swaggy now.”

The best is still to come for Mark, though! On Thursday, he will get to participate in the Bananas game!