Local woman, cancer survivor gives update on surrogacy journey

Published: Aug. 8, 2023 at 10:21 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Those are the sounds of the beating heart of Rachel and Matt Shannon’s baby girl they always dreamed of having.

“It’s gonna be Avra, which comes from Matt grew up in Avra Georgia, and the middle name is Anne and that’s my middle name, and my mother’s middle name, is she is going to be Avra Anne Shannon,” said Rachel Shannon, Avra’s soon to be mother.

They would say Avra is a miracle all thanks to a selfless soul they met through the internet.

“We knew it was going to take someone that was pretty much an Angel.”

That angel, Vivian Dukes, who is now expected to give birth to their daughter here in the next few months.

“And we were supposed to wait about 9 days for the blood test to find out if Vivian was pregnant or not and we made it to about day 8 and Vivivian texted me. " I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I am so sick” I was like are you really and she was like yes, and I was like do you have a test at home?, and she was like are you sure and I said yes take it. So, she took it and Facetimed me and I just immediately started crying because it was very very pregnant.”

Rachel said she knew right away, but for her husband Matt, it took more convincing than a test. But once he laid eyes on his baby girl he says the feeling was indescribable.

“You know when you are going through a surrogacy like this there is sort of a disconnect because you know we are not with the child all the time. So, when you do get to see her and lay eyes on her for the first time of what we have coming our way,” said Matthew Shannon.

And now, all they can do is wait and prepare to meet her.

“I feel like I have a problem I do; I love going to the nursery we just started putting it together. My sister thankfully gave us a ton of clothes she kept from her little girls and so we just bought a dresser and have been putting things away, we have plenty of clothes we probably don’t need anymore but umm I don’t know it’s been great and then I’ve bought a little book for her that I’m trying to keep track of everything and write her notes and I am just trying to show her how much I love her.”

The two say their journey has been exciting, but confusing at times since it isn’t the most common way of creating a family.

The two advise other couples going through similar experiences to keep their hopes and faith alive along with finding support.

" For people who come into this situation try to reach out find someone who has gone through it and ask the detailed questions, so you don’t go through it alone.”

Because it will all be worth it.

“I just cannot wait to hold her and kiss her and cuddle her and teach her to be a child of god and go into this world to be a good person and do good things.”