Hilton Head man upcycles plastic waste into new golf training tool

The ‘ArmSync’ helps golfers practice their swing and keeps plastic out of the landfill
Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 10:42 AM EDT
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HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - The owner of a popular women’s skincare cosmetics company is trying his hand at something new.

Releasing a product, he says could save your golf game and the environment.

“For the past 27 years I’ve owned a women’s skincare cosmetics company,” Wayne Beckley said.

While successful, Beckley’s company, Merlot Skin Care, recently decided to discontinue a product.

“It left me with almost 50,000 of these tubes. Here’s what they look like. I got boxes of these tubes.”

Leaving Wayne with a decision.

“I had to find a use for them. Either that or throw them in landfills and it takes years to disintegrate.”

Making the decision a little easier for him, “I couldn’t imagine throwing them away.”

So, instead, “I decided to upcycle it into a useful product.”

Drawing inspiration for that product from another passion of his.

“(I’m a) very avid golfer,” says Wayne.

Creating a tool to help golfers with their swing.

“Over the years all the great teachers say you need to stay connected, your arms to your body,” explains Wayne.

To practice that many golfers, hold a glove or head cover under their arm but, “when you swing it comes out.”

Something he says is a non-issue with his new product the ArmSync.

“When you swing, the biggest value is you don’t have to reach down and pick it up.”

Leaving you with more time to work on that swing.

Turning those old tubes into something new, that seems to be catching on.

“I’ve shown it to all the pros here, there’s four or five pros using it here in Hilton Head. They love it, they teach with it,” Wayne says.

But even if it’s not a top seller and doesn’t quite fit on a women’s skin care website, at the end of the day for Wayne when it comes to plastic waste, much like golf, less is more.

“Well, I just care about the environment and our future, and it was the right thing to do.”

For more information on the ArmSync, click here.