Savannah Crafts on the River event held this weekend

Savannah crafts on the river event held this weekend
Savannah crafts on the river event held this weekend(WTOC)
Published: Aug. 27, 2023 at 4:18 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Happening throughout this weekend in downtown Savannah crafts on the river.

It started on Friday morning and went all the way until 4 o’clock this afternoon, bringing vendors together from all across the country.

Vendors selling things ranging from crystals to headbands to syrup and so much more all hitting River Street for this event.

“Just to get to see so many people from different places, I ask,’ where are you from?’ And it’s hardly ever here. Maybe like 25 percent of the people I talk to are from here in the Savanna area, and they just come from all over,” Nellie Wemus said.

That’s something Nellie Wemus, who came all the way out here from Michigan, looks forward to when coming to events like this.

She says getting to meet her customers face-to-face makes all the difference.

“They realize that these are handmade, the ideas came from a person’s brain, like a lot of products do, but to see that and see that process I think really makes a difference,” Wemus said.

But underneath all the fun that happened here, there’s a deeper meaning.

Crafts on the River also helps to benefit an organization called Inheritance of Hope.

Their goal is to help young families who are facing the loss of a parent due to terminal illness.

“Inheritance of Hope brings them together and allows kids to know that there’s other kids like them, teens to know other teens like them, and diagnosed parents and caregivers, they get to meet other families that are walking similar journeys,” Jill Thompson said.

Thompson says being able to have the support from Crafts on the River is a huge help.

“This event, Crafts on the River, is incredible because all of these people are out here, they’re doing what they do best, they’re making beautiful pieces of art, they’re very creative, but they also have a bigger picture that there is something outside of this world and there are people that are hurting and they want to come alongside those people,” Thompson said.

That’s why Wemus says she loves being able to come out to things like this.

“Just to have that extra meaning to what we’re doing, because I, I take a lot of pride in my work and the meaning behind why I do what I do and just to have that extra reasoning and that cause, like I said, it’s the cherry on top,” Wemus said.