AJ’s Tree Service shares tips on how homeowners can prepare for property damage from Idalia

Published: Aug. 28, 2023 at 3:52 PM EDT
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WAYNE COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A tree service company in Wayne County shared some tips for homeowners on preparing for any possible storm damage associated with Idalia.

The owner of AJ’s Tree Service, AJ Favazza said he’s already been getting calls from residents who want their trees to be inspected ahead of the storm. He said this is one of the best ways to try and prevent trees or branches from falling into your home or property and potentially damaging it.

Favazza said if there are any trees you think could fall over during the storm, make sure you park any vehicles as far away from them as possible. And if you can’t get your local tree service to come out before the storm, he suggests you try to do an inspection yourself.

“Maybe take a look at all the trees that are in, in reach of your home. Just do an inspection, make sure you don’t see any kind of, I mean, big rotten holes in them, or any roots in the ground that have looked like they shifted, or any big dead branches hanging over the house or anything like that,” Favazza said.

Another tip he says is good to know is if a tree or limb does fall anywhere around your home, be sure to check that there’s no live power lines down in the area, and if there is, he says don’t touch it and make sure to call an expert first.