Neighborhood in Bryan Co. puts homes for sale due to traffic from Hyundai Megasite

Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 5:23 PM EDT
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BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - An entire neighborhood is now for sale in Northern Bryan County because of traffic at the Hyundai Mega Site.

Neighbors say this once quiet neighborhood is now nothing like it used to be.

Aspen Lane is located just up the road from one of the entrances to the mega site... leading some trucks to mistake it for the entrance.

“Big dump trucks come in here and they backup in the driveway and break the driveway. They’ve come down to the end of the road and knocked down mailboxes,” said Cecile Brazzell, lives on Aspen Lane.

Which led neighbors to post signs at the top of their street.

“Which that don’t look the greatest, but it serves its purpose, and they don’t, they haven’t came back down here,” said Chris Cochran, lives on Aspen Lane.

But ultimately, people living on Aspen Lane came together and decided to put the entire neighborhood of around 10 homes up for sale.

“We come up this way to get away from all that so now it’s came here which, growth is great, but it’s just not for us,” said Cochran.

Something the district’s commissioner says he can sympathize with...

“We’re in a high growth area and there’s a lot of growing pains and I feel, I truly feel for the people on Aspen Lane and those areas there. Some of those folks are friends of mine,” said Noah Covington, Bryan County Commissioner District 1.

As someone who lives in Pembroke, Covington says this traffic is something he’s experienced firsthand.

“Very dangerous down there it’s not a great place to be right now. We think with the growth that’s happening that it will be,” said Covington.

Brazzell has lived on Aspen Lane since 2005 and says she thought she would be here forever.

“We love this neighborhood, love all the neighbors and we love the way it’s got little trees in between, you know, each home and it just impacts everything about us to have to move,” said Brazzell.

Folks living in this neighborhood say they’re hoping people buy their homes quickly, so they can get out of this area as soon as possible.