Chinese Heritage Group helps May Howard Elementary celebrate Mid-Autumn festival

Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 4:31 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Bringing Chinese culture to Savannah classrooms.

The Mid-Autumn festival brings Chinese families together to recognize the full moon and the harvest it brings.

Thursday, May Howard Elementary School students got to celebrate.

“Make like a ball.”

That’s the sound of a Chinese tradition.

“You put the filling inside.”

Making mooncakes which are typically eaten during the mid Autumn Festival happening now.

And students at May Howard Elementary school.

“Press it.”

Got to give it a try and of course they got to taste the delicacy.

“Is it good guys?


And you can tell they enjoyed their mooncakes. Afterwards they got another treat. 36 bilingual books were donated to May Howard Elementary and the students got to read one of them.

From the moon cakes to the book donations, it was made possible by the Chinese Heritage Group in Savannah.

May Howard has the largest group of Chinese speaking students in the school district.

“If they know where their ancestors come from, what their culture is, they’ll feel more comfortable and also they’ll have better communication with the parents, especially because their parents are first generation immigrants,” said Xun Hua Mo, coordinator, Chinese Heritage Group

Literacy specialist Rebekah Hein says this group of students represent many different Asian backgrounds. She hopes these new books introduce them to the many aspects of their culture.

“The more stories we read about ourselves, the better we get to know ourselves and from that point the more friends we can make,” said Rebekah Hein, literacy specialist.

Opening their eyes to the culture within themselves.