Delays in building new SCAD dorm causes students to be relocated

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 7:49 AM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design are all moved in for the quarter, but some have different living arrangements than they thought they would.

Students were supposed to move into the dorm known as River, and it’s been in the works since late 2021.

Students were expecting to move into this building this fall but, according to SCAD, delays beyond their control forced them to postpone the opening of the dorm and they had to find other housing options for students.

Located between the Chatham Area Transit bus depot and Yamacraw Village, you’ll find two luxury, high rise apartments known as the Ann Street Lofts. And this fall, you’ll also find many SCAD students occupying them.

“The living conditions aren’t terrible. Like, it definitely seems like they rushed a little bit. Not everything is clean, polished, like there was sawdust on the floor, there’s some holes in the wall. Nothing that’s unlivable, but you can see that it was rushed,” SCAD junior Corrin Sroka said.

Perhaps the bigger issue, Sroka says, is that her floor still doesn’t have Wi-Fi, making it difficult to access classes and homework.

On-site parking is also out of her budget, so she finds herself walking home in what she doesn’t consider to be the safest area- so she avoids leaving at night.

“Unless I like absolutely have to, then I’ll call my boyfriend, or I’ll call my sibling just so I have someone with me when I’m going through this area,” Sroka said.

SCAD says that the Ann Street Lofts do have 24/7 security, as their other dorms do.

SCAD also says that students have access to the same transportation, eating, and fitness facilities that other dorms do, though students have to travel off-site to access those.

Students are paying the same amount of money that they would have to live at the River Dorm.

Sroka says she understands it’s a tough situation all around and all she would really like to see is more communication.

“I would appreciate a bit more communication and clarity about situations like this so that we’re not all scrambling,” Sroka said.

SCAD says all students who were scheduled to move into the new residence hall for the upcoming fall quarter were notified by August 16.

WTOC has not been given a timeline for when the River building is expected to be open.

Below is the full statement from SCAD:

“Due to delays beyond SCAD’s control, the opening of the residence hall located at 640 Indian Street will be postponed. All students who were scheduled to move into the new residence hall for the upcoming fall quarter were notified by August 16. SCAD has partnered with Ann Street Lofts, a brand-new development of studio and apartment-style units in the heart of downtown Savannah, to provide housing for the upcoming academic year. All housing costs for these students will remain the same. The new building has the same amenities, 24/7 on-site safety, SCAD residence life staff, university provided transportation, and off-site SCAD parking options as other university owned apartment style residence halls. As with all enrolled SCAD students, residents of the Ann Street Lofts have access to all SCAD dining and fitness facilities. The university is thrilled to welcome our talented students back on-campus for a successful 2023-2024 academic year.”