Nutrition program brings garden kits to several Savannah Chatham schools

Published: Sep. 23, 2023 at 1:41 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - More Savannah Chatham students will soon have green thumbs thanks to a generous donation.

A national school-based nutrition program called Big Green is giving the school district several gardening kits to help spark interest in growing foods we eat every day.

They usually do the teaching. But this go around, the teachers are learning how to build a garden.

With the coordination from Loop it Up---Colorado based organization Big Green is funding these gardens at nearly 20 different schools. They donated $2,000 for each school. Teachers from those schools are learning how to plant lettuce, spinach and more so they can teach their own students.

Big Green’s Program Director Sam Koentopp said this initiative has helped students in many school districts explore career opportunities and learn more about themselves.

“For somebody who just is having a stressful day and needs ten minutes outside to take a breath, they can put some hands in the soil and put some water on the soil,” Koentopp said. “This garden is that for them too. It really serves the needs of the school but also the individual.”

It’s has already served Savannah High garden club student Jaleel Robinson

“I was having a few hard issues and gardening was like my support,” Robinson said.

He’s looking forward to seeing other students have the same experience.

“Gardening is an inspiration and continuing to believe in ourselves and continue to inspire other kids,” Robinson said.

“This is just an awesome learning experience,” Senior Officer for SCCPSS K-8 Krystal Bell said. “They can hopefully share this with others and then we can get school gardens all across the district.”

Creating connections in students lives and in the garden.