James Brown Family Foundation hosting ‘I Feel Good About My Mental Health’ event

Published: Sep. 29, 2023 at 12:33 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Access to and mental health professionals can be difficult to find.

The James Brown Family Foundation is trying to make that a bit easier for the Savannah community with a pop-up event.

The “I Feel Good About My Mental Health” event is going to bring food music and healthcare professionals together.

Dr. Yamma Brown, the daughter of James Brown, said she hopes this will help those who have a hard time accessing healthcare learn more about the resources in the community.

“Obviously takes after my dad’s famous song ‘I Feel Good’ but more importantly it is about my mental health so it is about whatever state your mental health is in at the time where we will have therapist, we are going to have nutritionist, pharmacist which I am one, we’re going to have food trucks vendors all the family fun things but the most important thing is that it is something that is going to be affordable because it is going to be free and accessible because we will have people out here to give five to 1 0 minute consultations if you need it,” Dr. Brown said.

JAMP, the organization’s youth music academy, will also be there.

The event is on Saturday, Sept. 30 at 3 Points Food Court.

“But all the things to get your heart your mind and your body clear. as well as a nutritionist who can tell you, what can help you be more focused, what can clear your mind and open your mind. So you don’t feel bogged down from saturated fats and all these sugars and salts we like to have. But in moderation. For me health and wellness goes hand-in-hand specifically mental health right now is something we need to focus on to have a healthy mind and a healthy body,” Dr. Brown said.

Dr. Brown said the goal of the event is to bring what the community needs to the community.

“In all of the healthcare events that we have done, which are ones that always serve the community, they are saying thank you for not forgetting about what the needs are. Thank you for not forgetting us, thank you for being true to what your dad started, saying it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud and understanding that you still have work to do and I do so for us it is always, thank you,” Dr. Brown said.