Georgia’s Electric Membership Corporation working to put farmers safety in the forefront

Published: Oct. 24, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - This Sunbelt Ag Expo highlights the latest and greatest in agricultural technology and brings in thousands of people from across the country each year to check it out firsthand.

Although the tech is usually the big draw other vendors see it as an opportunity to help pass along some important information.

Information that could save the lives of farmers and non farmers.

At an expo all about Agriculture at first glance it may seem odd to see a booth all about Georgia’s Electric Membership Corporation.

But in reality, it makes perfect sense.

“Our agriculture industries couldn’t operate without electricity. We think about the poultry industry, we think about all of those pieces. We want our farmers and ranchers to know we were started because of them and we’re going to be here in the future for them too,” Andy Paul said.

And while their role in Ag is crucial it can often be overlooked.

“We learn that often times our power lines and poles are things you don’t think about until there’s an issue going on.”

Of course, many of those issues can become dangerous if you don’t get the proper education.

“We have what we call our hot line demo, which is meant to simulate what you’re going to find with your transformers and power lines right outside your house.”

Walking through real life situations like what would happen if a ladder hits a live line.

Or using a hot dog to simulate human skin coming into contact with that line.

Certainly, eye catching demonstrations that send a serious message about power line safety.

“Just because you can’t see it and just because you can’t hear it doesn’t mean it’s not live. We want to make sure our students and farmers are being safe out there.”