Don’t Be a Victim: Fake Goods

When purchasing something online, you may think you are getting the "real" deal. It turns out, that is often not the case.

  Don’t Be a Victim: Tech support scams

  Don't Be a Victim: Summer property crime

  Don't Be a Victim: Internet Safety Month

  Don't Be a Victim: Leaving children in vehicles

Don't Be a Victim: Vacation tips

Don't Be a Victim: Boating Safety

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Don't Be a Victim: Deputy Scams

Don't Be a Victim: Elder Fraud

  Don't Be a Victim: Scammers targeting millennials

Don't Be a Victim: Identity theft

  Don't Be a Victim: Military profiles

  Don't be a Victim: Program to Help Deputies

Don't Be a Victim: Stopping Spoofers

They are known as "spoof" calls - where a caller deliberately falsifies information to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. We take a look at what can be done to stop them in this week's 'Don't be a Victim' report.

Don't Be a Victim: Tax time is scam time

If you have received a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, you are not alone. Tax scam calls have soared by over 1,200 percent this year, but that's not the only method these scammers are using.

Don't Be a Victim: St. Patrick's Day safety

Tens of thousands of people will line the streets of Savannah Saturday for the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

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Don't Be a Victim: Active shooter situations

Don't Be a Victim: Self defense for kids

Don't Be a Victim: Five simple ways to stay safe from scams

Don't be a Victim: Taxes and ID Theft

Don't be a Victim: IRS Phone Scam

Don't Be A Victim: Deputy warns about scam after his own mother is targeted

Don't Be a Victim: Gun safety for new gun owners

Crime is a major concern and many people are choosing to arm themselves for personal protection.

Don't Be a Victim: Scams in the New Year

It's that time of year when many of us are making resolutions about things we want to change or improve on in the new year ahead.

Don't Be a Victim: Burglary

It's been estimated that a home is burglarized every 15 seconds in the United States.

Don't Be a Victim: Grandparent Phone Scams

Imagine getting a call that your teenage grandchild is in trouble - he'd been in an accident and is now in jail. You would want to do what you could to help.

Don't Be a Victim: Package theft

More and more people are doing their holiday shopping online, but what can you do to make sure that what you order doesn't end up in the hands of a criminal?

Don't be a Victim: Online shopping

More and more people are doing their holiday shopping from the comfort of their own home. Around 60 percent of consumers plan on buying presents online.

Don't be a Victim while holiday shopping

A lot of people will be heading out to the malls later this week, but it's not just shoppers who are looking for good deals. Criminals are also on the prowl during the holiday shopping season.

Don't Be a Victim: Scams Targeting Veterans

Criminals are always looking for ways to scam you out of your hard-earned money and often, it's our military veterans who fall victim to these scams. ?

Don't Be a Victim: Survey scams

There are dozens of apps that promise to pay you for doing simple things, and a lot of them work as promised.

Don't be a Victim: Craigslist and Online Marketplace Safety

You can find some great bargains on online marketplace sites like Craigslist—but you can also get more than you bargained for if you are not careful.

Don't be a Victim: Halloween Safety

It's the night when little ghosts and goblins come out for a good scare, but police don't want Halloween to be frightening for the wrong reasons.

Don't be a victim of a skimmer

Police believe the discovery of skimmer at a pump at a Citgo gas station on Habersham Street this month is an isolated incident, but it's not the first time that these devices have been used to rip people off in our area at gas stations and ATM's.

Don’t Be a Victim: While walking or running

Walking or running are both healthy habits, but there are things that you need know to make sure that you stay safe when out on the streets.

Don't be a Victim: Equifax Data Breach

It's being called the worst hack of personal data in U.S. History. In this week's "Don't be a Victim" report, we look at what you need to do now to protect your credit in the wake of the Equifax breach.

Don’t be a Victim: Self Defense Against Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a crime that can have long-lasting consequences—both physical and mental. This past weekend, several women took part in a free self-defense seminar hosted by the Rape Crisis Center and Fit to Fight Georgia to learn skills to fend off an attacker.

Don't be a Victim: Storm repair scams

Many people are now left dealing with the aftermath of Irma and may have to hire someone to help repair the damage done.

Don't be a Victim: Realtor Safety

This week, The Rape Crisis Center is offering a free seminar to try and prevent one particularly vulnerable group from becoming victims of crime: female realtors.

Don't Be a Victim: Charity Scams

The devastation from Hurricane Harvey is staggering. A lot of help is desperately needed for the thousands of storm victims.

Don't be a Victim of package theft

More and more people are doing their shopping online, but what can you do to make sure that what you order doesn't end up in the hands of a criminal?

Don't Be a Victim: Phone scam warnings

Scammers are busy making calls hoping to get some easy money. They claim to be part of Liberty County law enforcement.

Don't be a Victim while traveling

You may remember the video that we showed of two tourists being brutally attacked this summer in New Orleans. Scary stuff, but don't be a victim.

Don't be a Victim: School Safety

With school now back in session - or about to be - school safety is a priority.  In this week's "Don't be a Victim" segment, we get some expert advice to make sure your kids stay safe.

Don't be a Victim while away on vacation

Don't be a Victim while away on Vacation School will be back in session soon—and many of us will be trying to sneak in some vacation time before that happens. But don't be a victim while you are away from home. In this week's segment, we talked to SCMPD Crime Prevention Officer Marvi

Don't Be a Victim: Jury Scams

Criminals are constantly looking for ways to get their hands on your hard-earned money. Don't be a victim!  ?

Don't be a victim of a home burglary

It's estimated that a home is burglarized every 15 seconds in the United States.

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