Andrew Gorton

Andrew Gorton

Living in Iowa, Texas, and Oklahoma, Andrew has spent much of his life in Tornado Alley. Upon moving from Iowa to Texas in 1997, Andrew experienced his first tornado in person and was hooked on weather. The meteorologist on the radio led Andrew’s family to safety, instantly sparking a lifelong passion in Andrew to understand the weather so that he could help other people know what to do in severe weather situations.

At the age of 16, Andrew became certified by NOAA and the National Weather Service to storm chase and earned a certification in Advanced Radar Interpretation from the National Weather Service. Andrew continued to pursue his passion for weather at Rowlett High School (Dallas, Texas) where he broadcasted live weathercasts to 3,000 students and staff each week.

Andrew graduated from the University of Oklahoma where he studied Meteorology and Broadcast Journalism. At OU, Andrew was an on-air meteorologist and reporter for OU Nightly, OU Daily and Purcell Register. Living in Oklahoma allowed Andrew to utilize his storm spotter certification, chasing multiple tornadoes to keep the community ahead of impending bad weather.

Andrew joined WTOC in early-2018 after spending over two years as a meteorologist at WALB in Albany, Georgia.

In 2018, Andrew won First Place in the Associated Press' Best General Reporting after flying with the NOAA Hurricane Hunters. Andrew was also awarded Connect Savannah's 2021 "Best Local TV Meteorologist"!

Continuing his education, Andrew achieved his Broadcast Meteorology Certification from Mississippi State University in 2019.

When not in the studio, Andrew is often talking with local farmers and working to raise awareness for local veteran non-profits.

You can watch Andrew on The News at Daybreak every Monday through Friday!