Melissa Rademaker

Charleston SC
Melissa Rademaker

Melissa joined the Live 5 News team in March 2022.

Professional Experience: I spent nearly two years reporting at WDAM in Hattiesburg Mississippi. I interned at WXII 12 News in my hometown.

News Philosophy: Listen and look into it. I love stories and I also love facts. Journalism is an essential combination of the two where I get to hear what matters to people, tell their stories and work to answer their questions.

Education: I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC Chapel Hill. I also graduated with a minor in anthropology.

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC.

Family: I have one younger brother and am very close with my parents. I am so happy to be close enough for frequent visits.

Hobbies & Interests: I love to read, especially on the beach or at the pool. I enjoy live music and good food. I love watching UNC sports, especially football and basketball.

Favorite Books/Music/Movie: I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and listen to a lot of news and pop culture related podcasts on my way to interviews and reports. I read a lot, so it's hard to pick a favorite book, but Lianne Moriarty is my favorite author.

Likes Best About the Lowcountry: I chose to move to Charleston specifically because I love being by the water. Eating a meal with a view, taking a boat ride and driving over scenic bridges are everyday things I appreciate about Charleston.

Most Interesting Assignment: I have a passion for breaking news and being the one who can get answers for people in a time that's often confusing or overwhelming. On June 24th, 2022 when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, I drove to Columbia to report on reactions and next steps in the SC legislature. It was a very cool feeling to be one of many reporting that day on the topic of national impact. I liked being able to explain what the day meant for South Carolinians and answer their questions moving forward.