Celebrating 65 Years

  WTOC’s 65th Anniversary: The CMN Telethon

For 25 years, WTOC introduced you to sick and injured children, their families and doctors during the Children's Miracle Network Telethon. It was the highlight of the year for Mike Manhatton and Dawn Baker, as they hosted the annual broadcast.

  WTOC Celebrates 65 Years: Tribute to Vietnam Veterans

  Celebrating 65 Years: Back to School coverage

Celebrating 65 years: Romper Room

  Celebrating 65 Years: The team that Doug Weathers built

  WTOC 65th Anniversary: Connection with the Beaufort Water Festival

  WTOC remembers Steven Shoob

Continued Coverage

  WTOC 65th Anniversary: Fourth of July, 2002

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  WTOC Celebrates 65 Years: Forecaster Ron Wallace talks technology

  Celebrating 65 Years: WTOC’s relationship with community

  WTOC 65th Anniversary: History of hurricane technology

  Celebrating 65 Years: History of former WTOC Anchor, Sonny Dixon

  WTOC 65th Anniversary: Tybee Beach Bum Parade

The Tybee Beach Bum Parade was last week, but as we continue to celebrate our 65th Anniversary, we looked a little farther back into the event’s history, and the special connections to it that this station has always enjoyed.

  Remembering WTOC’s Don Logana

As we continue to celebrate and look back on 65 years here at WTOC, we remember those who helped build our legacy. One of those people we lost far too soon.

  Celebrating 65 Years: WTOC Rocks Savannah

WTOC is continuing to celebrate our 65th year of broadcasting. You have been our number one fans, and at times, have made us feel like rock stars.

  Celebrating 65 years: The legacy of Mike Manhatton

WTOC is celebrating 65 years of broadcasting this year. Of those 65 years, one man brought you news from here and from our loved ones around the world for 33 years.

  WTOC: A Community Station

  WTOC celebrates 65th Anniversary

  Consider This: WTOC celebrates 65th Anniversary

Celebrating 65 Years