Proud To Be A Farmer

  Bulloch Co. farmer reflects on challenging year during harvest

Farmers may be one of the few groups where COVID-19 takes a back seat to other concerns.

  Peanut picking in a pandemic

  Proud to be a Farmer: Lee Cromley

  Proud to be a Farmer: Aries Haygood

  Proud to Be a Farmer: Shawn Page

  Proud to be a Farmer: Ben Boyd

  Proud to be a Farmer: Greg Sikes

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  Proud to be a Farmer: L. G. Herndon, Jr.

  Proud to be a Farmer: Olives take off in Tattnall County

  Proud To Be A Farmer: Kent Fountain

  Proud To Be a Farmer: Taylor Brett

  Farmers soldier on despite challenges

  Proud to be a Farmer: Vidalia onion grower working hard through pandemic

  Proud to be a Farmer: Williams family

Delvin Williams farms with his two sons on the land his grandpa farmed with a mule to plow. Equipment’s changed just a little.

  Fourth-generation farmer keeps family tradition alive

Proud to be a Farmer: Jamie Tate

  Proud to be a farmer: Knapp Boddiford

Farmers in our region face one of the strangest seasons in decades due to the weather and the pandemic.

  How the coronavirus could impact Coastal Empire farmers

The coronavirus is impacting all of our daily lives, including those responsible for making sure we have food in the agriculture industry.

  Third-generation farmer proud of family’s tradition

  Rain a joy for farmers, also a hindrance to getting started

  Wayne Co. farmer hopes to inspire next generation

  Brighter Day in Savannah supporting local farmers

  Proud to be a Farmer: Farming is a family tradition

  Proud to be a Farmer: How recent weather affects corn crops

  Proud to be a Farmer: Attracting visitors to farms

Few people grow up on a farm or know about farming, even here in Southeast Georgia. A new statewide program from Georgia Farm Bureau hopes to get more people visiting sites this summer.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Sky Herndon, Lyons

One third generation farmer is using her newly-renovated store to offer more than just a place to grab farm fresh food. She’s carrying on her family’s tradition.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Ray Sanders, Bulloch County

A second generation farmers in Bulloch County proves that you can come home again.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Bland Farms, Tattnall County

What is now a massive operation of about 3,000 acres of land started out with just five acres.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Robert Dasher, Glennville

This weekend, Glennville and Tattnall County will celebrate their favorite crop - sweet onions - at the annual Onion Festival.

  Proud to be a Farmer: Richmond Hill Fish Hatchery

There are about 40,000 farms in Georgia, but less than 10 are fish hatcheries. One of them is close by, in Bryan County.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Joe Boddiford, Screven County

A Screven County farmer has been working the land for nearly 50 years, but he’s looking as much to the future as he is the past.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Brewer Christmas tree farm, Midway

Christmas is still eight months away, but your family's Christmas tree could be growing right here in Georgia.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Statesboro Farmers Market goes online

Weekly farmers markets help the small operations find their customers to thrive and offer a product customers want to buy directly from the people who grew it.

  Proud to be a Farmer: Steven Griffis, Appling County

This month, we’re showcasing just a few of the farmers of our region who help make Georgia agriculture what it is.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Shirley Daughtry, Effingham County

WTOC met with the first certified organic farmer in Georgia who hopes her small farm will make a big difference.

  Proud to be a Farmer: Wade Hodges, Bulloch County

Farmers across our region have a new growing season in front of them with challenges that range from dry conditions to low prices at the market, but one Bulloch County corn grower is proud to be a farmer, regardless.

  Bloomingdale farmer Pete Waller looking ahead to the start of strawberry season

When it comes to farming in Georgia, peanuts or onions typically come to mind, but Bloomingdale has its own strawberry farm.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Prepping peanut fields

Peanuts won’t come out of the ground until October, but farmers across Georgia are already preparing their fields for this year’s crop.

  Proud to be a Farmer: The Sunbelt Expo

Farmers from around Georgia and beyond gathered in Moultrie for one of the largest agriculture shows in America this week.

  Proud to be a Farmer: Genell Poppell

Poppell Farms is famous around the state for the maze they create each year.

  Proud to be a Farmer: Different parts of world learning how to farm peanuts

If you grow a better peanut, the world will beat a path to your door. That was evident last week as South Georgia hosted the Georgia Peanut Commission Tour.

Proud to be a GA Farmer: Wayne Dasher

This weekend, thousands of visitors will pack Glennville to celebrate smalltown traditions and a crop that means big business for many.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Trey Mosley

Just outside of Santa Claus, GA there is a farmer as unique as his town.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Ag arena approved

Southeast Georgia farmers will be proud when a multi-million dollar Ag arena opens in Statesboro after being on the drawing board almost 20 years.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: Chris Hopkins

In cities, the relationship between buyer and seller can be impersonal. There are lots of buyers and lots of sellers.

  Proud to be a GA Farmer: David Jarriel

The pronunciation of the word "pecan" is one of those debates that has raged on forever.