St. Patrick's Day

  2019 Savannah St. Patrick’s Day: A look at the numbers

St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah has come and gone, but the economic impact lasts far beyond the festivities.

Ferry service available to Savannah from Hilton Head Island this weekend

If you’re planning to take the ferry from Hilton Head Island into Savannah for the St. Patrick’s festivities this weekend, you may want to start thinking of a Plan B.

  City of Savannah reviews 2019 St. Patrick’s Day parade

The City of Savannah held a news conference on Monday to discuss how the weekend went for multiple departments, from sanitation to parking to code enforcement.

  New rules yield results in Chippewa Square

It seems an effort on the part of the City of Savannah to keep one downtown square from getting trashed during the Saint Patrick’s Day parade paid off.

  Law enforcement out in droves for night two of St. Patrick’s Day festivities

Law enforcement will be joining the hundreds of thousands that are enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day post-parade festivities on Saturday night.

  Visitors travel from far and wide to experience St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah

Whether you live just up the road or a few states away, Savannah seems to be almost everybody’s St. Patrick’s destination.