Golden Ray

Lifting lugs installed on Golden Ray cargo ship

This weekend, the Unified Command in charge of salvaging the Golden Ray in St. Simons Sound installed more "lifting lugs" on the capsized cargo ship.

  St. Simons Sound Incident Response Unified Command hosts open house about Golden Ray

  Coast Guard honors crews who rescued Golden Ray crew members

Construction set to begin on environmental protection barrier around Golden Ray

  Crews will build environmental barrier protection before removing pieces of the Golden Ray

Latest leak sealed on Golden Ray vessel

Crews successfully remove Golden Ray rudder and propeller

Continued Coverage

All fuel removed from overturned vessel off Ga. coast

24-hour traffic resumes in Port of Brunswick

Crews work to remove oil from overturned cargo ship

  Crews say it could take months to clean up capsized cargo ship in St. Simons Sound

Crews investigate white smoke coming from Golden Ray in St. Simons Sound

Overturned cargo ship to be disassembled in St. Simons Sound

  Over 169,000 gallons of fuel removed from vessel that capsized in St. Simons Sound

Tuesday will make one month since the Golden Ray capsized in the Saint Simons Sound, and cleanup efforts have been underway ever since.

  Crews report new discharge from Golden Ray in St. Simons Sound

The St. Simons Sound Incident Unified Command says there has been another discharge of fuel from the Golden Ray.

Coast Guard: “Discharge” leaking from overturned ship in St. Simons Sound

A commander describes the leaks as quote “sporadic discharges,” saying that oil is being spotted in nearby shorelines, rivers, and marshes.

  Entire crew rescued from capsized cargo ship off Ga. coast

The United States Coast Guard says all four missing crew members of the Golden Ray have been rescued after the cargo vessel tipped on its side in the Port of Brunswick.