Top Teacher

  Top Teacher: Top Teacher Luncheon

WTOC honors a Top Teacher every Wednesday. These are the teachers nominated by students and parents for making a difference in the classroom. We honored over 40 teachers this year. And as we celebrate the end of the school, we invited all of our top teachers together for a celebration luncheon.

  Top Teacher: Jennifer Lynch, Richmond Hill High School

  Top Teacher: John Pollock, St. Andrew’s School

  Top Teacher: Crystal Strong, Andrea B. Williams Elementary School

  Top Teacher: Amanda Mitchell, Nevils Elementary School

  Top Teacher: Lynn Miller, South Effingham Elementary School

  Top Teacher: Jane Madison, St. Peter the Apostle School

Continued Top Teacher Coverage

  Top Teacher: Tracy Spain, Effingham County Middle School

  Top Teacher: Heather Blastick

  Top Teacher: Kamaria Shaw

  Top Teacher: Teresa Hatcher, Twin City Elementary

  Top Teacher: Nancy Singleton, Savannah Classical Academy

  Top Teacher: Abby Foster, St. Vincent’s Academy

  Top Teacher: Deonnah Davis, Southwest Elementary School

It’s okay to write on the desks with a marker in Deonnah Davis' class at Southwest Elementary School in Savannah. because with a little work, it comes right off.

  Top Teacher: La’Shunda Posey, Rincon Elementary School

La’Shunda Posey has been teaching for 15 years, but this is her first year as a 1st Grade teacher.

  Top Teacher: Haywood Ellison, Memorial Day School

Math can seem like a foreign language to some of us, but for Haywood Ellison, numbers just make sense.

  Top Teacher: Laura Todd, Long County High School

This week’s WTOC Top Teacher has been a nurse for more than 15 years.

  Top Teacher: Yoko Parker, Midway Middle School

  Top Teacher: Anna Swint, Silson Elementary

  Top Teacher: Dr. Regina Meeler, Windsor Forest Elementary

  Top Teacher: Rebecca Hamilton, Veritas Academy

  Top Teacher: Terri Foote, Blessed Sacrament

  Top Teacher: Jill Elton, Savannah Christian

  Top Teacher: Anna Kate Mahany, Marshpoint Elementary School

4th Grade teacher Anna Kate Mahany may not have a permanent classroom right now at Marshpoint Elementary School because of Mother Nature, but she has deep roots dug in at the school, building a strong foundation for the future.

  Top Teacher: Maggie Taylor, Bryan County Elementary

It takes patience and a positive attitude to be an effective teacher, and Maggie Taylor has the right amount of both.

  Top Teacher: Diane Lyle, Frank Long Elementary School

Every child is a diamond in the rough, and the right teacher can help make them shine.

  Top Teacher: Maria Blair, Coosa Elementary School

It’s never too late to change your career path, and for this week’s WTOC Top Teacher, that meant changing jobs to do what she always wanted.

  Top Teacher: La’Keitha Morris, West Chatham Elementary School

The power of positive thinking can be contagious. This week’s WTOC Top Teacher hopes her students will catch it.

  Top Teacher: Drew Schwalbe, Benedictine Military School

Once a Cadet, always a Cadet. The bond is strong between graduates of Benedictine Military School in Savannah.

  Top Teacher: Anne Bishop, Coastal Middle School

It’s Spirit Week at Coastal Middle School in Savannah, and nobody has more spirit than Anne Bishop.

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  Top Teacher: Heather Moore

Music teacher Heather Moore is trying to get her 1st graders at Jacob G. Smith Elementary in Savannah on the same beat.

  Top Teacher: Kaidy English, Mattie Lively Elementary School

New teachers always bring a lot of enthusiasm to the classroom, but this week's WTOC Top Teacher has been in training all of her life.

Top Teacher: Lisa Tuttle, Richmond Hill Elementary School

Third graders bring a lot of independence and enthusiasm to the classroom, so a teacher has to be up to the challenge.

Top Teacher: Meagan Beasley

Teachers are meant to inspire great things in their students, and for some students, that means growing up to become a teacher themselves.

  Top Teacher: Cindy Hatala

Hatala is currently getting a 5th-grade class at George Washington Carver Elementary prepared to move on to the next big thing.

Top Teacher: Estella Newkirt

All kids need to succeed is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.