State law fell short of enforcement on debris pile until it was too late

  State senator estimates S.C. will spend millions in debris fire cleanup

  WTOC Investigates: Domestic abuse victim forced to call 911 twice for help

  Georgia, South Carolina public schools struggle hiring diverse teachers

WTOC Investigates: Staffing numbers at Georgia state prisons

  Georgia Southern football player pleads not guilty, 911 call released of incident in Fla.

Continued Coverage

  Locked Down: Inside the prison where inmates set each other on fire and gangs have more power than guards

  Savannah police chief pushes back on anonymous letter, speaks on officer shortage

WTOC Investigates: Who will pay to extinguish the burning trash pile in Jasper County?

  WTOC Investigates: 1 year since woman killed in alligator attack on Hilton Head Island

  WTOC Investigates: Savannah State University focused on campus safety, student retention ahead of fall semester

  Class action lawsuit filed against landfill owner in Jasper County

  Inner harbor deepening set to begin for SHEP project, Army Corps spokesman says

The Army Corps of Engineers said Thursday that the dissolved oxygen injector site on the Savannah River injected enough oxygen into the river to satisfy environmental demands.

  GBI director, lab workers aim at cutting down crime lab backlog

There are more than 36,000 items that are considered backlogged in state crime labs. That is evidence that is in the lab 30 days without being tested. There is good news; that backlog did shrink by about 200 items in the last month.

  Measure of Hate documentary explores the undercounting of crimes in America

InvestigateTV shows issues with undercounting hate crimes, including the FBI failing to meet a federal mandate to report. After months of reporting on this issue, this documentary also highlights results of the investigation, including police departments amending their records.

  Major Port Wentworth drainage projects wait in limbo

City leaders, the Georgia Department of Transportation, and the homeowner don’t dispute the flooding. The issue is whether the negligence or environmental changes are the reason.

  Local agencies help nationwide sex trafficking sting

Lost equipment possibly puts soldiers’ personal info in jeopardy

  Watching Your Wallet: Decade-by-decade, experts help you save for retirement

  WTOC Investigates: Military housing survey results released

  WTOC Investigates: Fixing Fort Stewart

  EXCLUSIVE: Survey results show major problems with housing on military bases, including Fort Stewart

  WTOC Investigates: How the 2020 Census will affect public schools

Tens of thousands of local students are enrolled in public schools, schools that can’t survive without public funding. The U.S. Census plays a large role in that.

  Chatham County’s 911 center improving technology, filling vacancies

They’re currently updating their computer systems so first responders can be dispatched more quickly. They’re also about to start using a system that provides more accurate location data when someone calls 911. Finally, they’re actively hiring for 22 vacancies.

  WTOC Investigates: School bus inspections in Georgia

How do school systems make sure each bus gets a passing grade? It all comes down to inspections. Many inspections.

  Fake Filters? Companies falsely claim to have prestigious water safety certification

With water quality and safety concerns across the country, many families are turning to water filters. But there are counterfeit filters and filters carrying fake certification marks.

  Hilton Head mayor defends spending almost $17,000 on town-funded trip

The Hilton Head mayor and town manager are back from a trip to Italy.

  Former Rape Crisis Center executive director files lawsuit claiming discrimination

The former executive director of the Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire is suing more than two dozen people tied to law enforcement and advocacy groups.

  City of Savannah, CSX working on issues caused by rail line

The City of Savannah met with the CSX Corporation at the end of June to discuss issues caused by a railroad crossing that runs right over President Street next to the Truman Parkway.

  Untested Waters: Feds take small steps toward inspecting more seafood

The FDA has a new strategy for imported food safety, and Congress has increased seafood inspection funds. But the U.S. still lags behind some other countries when it comes to inspections and regulations.

  WTOC Investigates: Makeup expiration concerns

Millions of women wear makeup, but some don’t know that what you put on your face could be infecting and ruining your skin if you use expired makeup.

  SCCPSS releases results of AdvancED accreditation report

The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System released the results of a monitoring review report carried out by accreditation agency AdvancED on Tuesday.

  No trial date set for man charged with July 4 City Market shooting

It has been over two years since violence erupted in the heart of downtown Savannah during the Fourth of July celebration and no trial date has been set for the accused.

  Water management company explains high bills for some in Bryan County

The CEO of Water Utility Management, the company that manages water out there, said this time of year, bills always take a big jump. Outdoor watering is the main reason.

  Census test is real

Next year, every American household will get a Census form to fill out, but before that happens, nearly half a million households will receive something called the “Census Test."

Watching Your Wallet: Experts say to shop around for the best deals on car insurance and cell phone plans

A NerdWallet financial expert offers tips on saving money on car insurance and cell phone bills: Watch this and don't pay for what you don't need.

  Did the work get done? Checking behind your mechanic

Car maintenance is necessary. We’ve had people call us and say work they paid for didn’t get done, so we got answers on how to check behind your mechanic.

  City of Savannah slow to transition to green cars

The City of Savannah unveiled its first two electric cars on Monday. They are a part of the Strategic plan to convert 15 percent of its fleet to hybrid or electric cars.

  Understanding the connection between your tax bill and the millage rate

So, what does the millage rate mean when it comes to your taxes? Click for a breakdown.

  WTOC Investigates: Unlocked cars and stolen guns

Unlocked cars are often a target for thieves to find stolen guns. In a WTOC Investigation, WTOC’s Romney Smith looked more into the numbers and how local police departments are tracking.

  Previous WTOC Investigations on sex crimes involving minors in GA

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster became the first governor in the country to sign a pledge to keep children safe while on the internet on Wednesday.

  Asked & Answered: Tracking and removing dangerous alligators

As a wrongful death lawsuit following an alligator attack sits in Beaufort County court, WTOC is getting a better idea of how South Carolina and Georgia monitor potentially dangerous gators.

Local doctor sentenced to prison for prescribing narcotics to non-patients

A Georgia physician with clinics in Pooler and Braselton was sentenced to nearly three years in federal prison for illegally prescribing drugs to non-patients.

  Changes underway at Fort Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield following ‘housing crisis’ for military members

Leaders at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield say big changes are underway to address what the military calls a ‘housing crisis.'

  SCCPSS facing lawsuit stating student raped on school bus in 2017

The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System is at the center of a civil suit. The lawsuit claims the district didn’t do enough to keep a 10-year-old student from being raped on a school bus back in 2017.

  FBI launches program to track use-of-force

The FBI launched a program this year to track use of force. Folks in the law enforcement community are hopeful it works, because they believe it could improve training and stop false allegations.

  Asked and Answered: City of Savannah gives tips on reporting issues with residential recycling

Thousands of you in Savannah choose to recycle, but a lot of you also may be confused on what day the city is supposed to pick up your recycling.

Watching Your Wallet: Spring housing market secrets revealed

Want to get top dollar for your home this spring? Or are you looking to buy your first home? NerdWallet gives tips for those on both sides of the equation.

  Millions of dollars sit in reserves as HOPE covers less tuition

The HOPE scholarship, on average, covers about 60 percent of tuition. However, not long ago, it covered closer to 100 percent. There is renewed debate now at the capitol about how to restore it to full funding.

  Drug used to reverse overdoses on the rise locally

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, on average, 130 people die every day from an opioid overdose in the Unites States.

  DNA Detectives: Scientists combining forensics with genealogy break ‘unsolvable’ cases

Scientists are using forensic genetics to help solve decades-old cold cases.

  82 arrested in multi-state child exploitation operation, ‘Southern Impact III’

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has made 82 arrests in a multi-state child exploitation operation called, “Operation Southern Impact III."

  Patients of arrested Richmond Hill doctor still searching for new physicians

Given the scrutiny over opioid prescriptions, one doctor says pain management doctors are wary about bringing on new patients, but you do have a few options for help.

  WTOC Investigates: The hotel construction boom

It seems like everywhere you look in Savannah, another new hotel is under construction. In a WTOC investigation, Romney Smith looked into the numbers to see if we’re actually filling the hotels or building them too fast.

  FBI releases 2018 report on internet crimes

In 2018, IC3 received a total of 351,936 complaints with losses exceeding $2.7 billion.

  Failed and Forgotten

The deaths of hundreds of children because of abuse or neglect goes unnoticed every year by agencies that protect kids. Congress and a 45-year-old law are largely to blame.

  A trifecta of failures puts kids at risk

When children die because of abuse or neglect, child protection agencies are often blamed – they are underfunded and overworked. But there are many other culprits who failed children.

  Digital rollbacks: Millions of cars have false mileage on odometers

Carfax experts say there are potentially more than one million cars on the roads with false odometer readings - meaning their mileage has been rolled back to make the vehicles look like they have less wear and tear.

  Efforts underway to improve enrollment, retention at Savannah State University

The graduation rate is around 27 percent. The student retention rate is diving too, down to a 20-year low at 58 percent. The enrollment is also decreasing.

  Chatham County ranks high with opioid overdose ER visits

Drug overdose patients aren’t a rare sighting at Memorial Health’s Emergency Room.

  Asked and Answered: GA retirees not receiving living adjustments

The recently-approved state budget for Georgia includes a two-percent pay raise for state employees. It’s the first in a while for them. However, some former state employees won’t get the same raise.

  Asked and Answered: Traffic issues on Highway 144

Simultaneous lane closures on 144 and Harris Trail last week frustrated many drivers, and the question we’ve been getting is: do the state and county communicate when they close down roads?

  WTOC Investigates: Airport arrival times

In a WTOC investigation, Romney Smith looked into which airlines rank highest and lowest for getting you to your destination on time.

Watching Your Wallet: Experts give advice on reining in your tax refund

Rather than taking a tax refund check and splurging on a quick shopping spree, NerdWallet advises people make smart spending – or saving - plans.

  Thousands of cars sold with bad odometer readings in Georgia, South Carolina

Most car owners have no idea. Carfax estimates it cost consumers more than $800 million in 2018. Carfax said more than 60,000 in Georgia have a false reading. In South Carolina, they say there are almost 18,000.

  Savannah River deepening hinges on never-before-used system

They’re currently in a testing phase for the new Oxygen Injectors on the Savannah River that started March 14th and continues for 59 days. The corps must prove it can pump enough oxygen to the riverbed, so the fish can survive once the river is 5 feet deeper.

  Local rape numbers on the rise

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says it’s seeing an alarming trend when it comes to sexual assaults statewide. The numbers are trending upwards.

  Undercounting hate: FBI will not report its hate crime numbers again this year as required by law

The Uniform Crime Reporting Act of 1988 requires federal law enforcement agencies to submit information about their cases to a federal database maintained by the FBI; however, those agencies are currently not submitting data, including information about hate crimes.

  Georgia EPD investigates illegal sewage dumping in Bryan County

A Georgia Environmental Protection Division investigation report revealed Bryan County contractors illegally dumped sewage debris on the ground just about 100 feet away from a drinking water well for the Waterways community.

  GA Senate passes bill legalizing cultivation, distribution of medical marijuana

The Georgia State Senate joined the House in passing a bill Friday legalizing cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana.

  Lawyers for man wrongfully arrested files notice to sue city of Savannah

An ante litem letter is a notice required by state law when you plan to sue a government organization. The city has 90 days to respond.

  Camden County’s proposed spaceport: Lifesaver or coast-killer?

You could watch rockets launch right off the Georgia coast if state and local leaders get their wish.

  Graves found under construction site on White Bluff Road in Savannah

A concerned citizen called the city saying there used to be graves on the property, and without him, the work would have continued.

Expansive SCOTUS ruling forces Savannah to abandon panhandling laws

If you’ve been in Savannah for a while, you may remember the city passing an ordinance banning panhandling years ago.

  CBD sales expected to boom in next 3 years

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It comes from cannabis plants but differs from marijuana in that it doesn’t contain THC. THC is the component of marijuana that gets you high.

  WTOC Investigates: Pre-St. Patrick’s fire inspections

Learn more about why every hotel, restaurant, and bar is inspected before the City of Savannah’s busiest weekend of the year.

  Numbers show big price tag for city of Savannah on St. Patrick’s Day

The St. Patrick’s Day parade is a decades-old tradition in Savannah. It has become a huge part of the city, and in turn, a vital piece in the tourism industry for the Hostess City.

  New documents show why police arrested wrong person

Newly-obtained documents show an anonymous phone call and a photo lineup landed the wrong man in jail for more than three weeks. Last week, Savannah police officers dropped armed robbery charges on James McGill III.

  Kissing soldiers prohibited in St. Patrick’s Day parade

A military spokesman said it comes down to safety and respect of the military. However, Benedictine Military School is still telling people they can kiss the cadets.

  Savannah father demands answers over son’s wrongful arrest

Police released McGill from jail a couple weeks ago, seemingly admitting they got the wrong guy. We finally got word that they officially dropped charges last week.