VR for Good: Virtual reality program helping hospice patients

Students at Savannah College of Art and Design are helping to improve the lives of hospice patients by using virtual reality through a project called "VR for Good."

Google buys Fitbit for $2.1B, stepping back into wearables

Google claims breakthrough in blazingly fast computing

  Is your phone listening and targeting you with ads?

Websites infected iPhones with spyware, researchers say

Newborn left to die in 1981 identified by DNA; mother charged in South Dakota

Man who allegedly threatened Google arrested in California

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FaceTime bug lets iPhone users eavesdrop on people they’re calling without them answering

Plans to start mining water, oxygen from moon, European Space Agency announces

Couple grateful for Apple watch that alerted them to husband’s irregular heartbeat

School van driver under investigation after teen records her using FaceTime while driving

Get a glimpse of future tech at CES

  China becomes first country to land spacecraft on far side of moon

The Latest: Tribune says newspapers hit by computer virus

Tribune Publishing says a computer virus disrupted production of the Chicago Tribune and its other newspapers across the country, the Chicago Tribune reports

Tesla names independent board members in SEC settlement

Tesla names 2 independent board members as part of settlement with US regulators

Nationwide internet outage affects CenturyLink customers

Many CenturyLink customers across the U.S. were without internet Thursday amid a lengthy outage that even affected some Verizon customers

Elon Musk asks judge to toss diver's lawsuit in Thai dustup

Elon Musk is asking a California judge to throw out a lawsuit filed against him by a British diver who accused the tech entrepreneur of falsely calling him a pedophile

Official: Russian weapon 27 times faster than speed of sound

Digitally enhanced: Estonia plots the end of bureaucracy

Idaho lab protects US infrastructure from cyber attacks

Slack: Some accounts mistakenly deactivated during update

Potash mine fire in Russia leaves 9 trapped underground

London's Gatwick Airport reopens; drone suspects questioned

Firm wins passenger OK for self-driving cars in California

Self-driving car startup Zoox has won permission to start offering rides to public passengers in California

Germany says link between hackers, China govt credible

The German government says it believes the link drawn between the Chinese government and a group of hackers who stole trade and official secrets in the West is credible

The Latest: Police say 2 arrested Gatwick Airport drone case

UK police say two people have been arrested for suspected "criminal use of drones" in the Gatwick Airport case

China calls US arrogant and selfish after hacking indictment

China calls the U.S. arrogant and selfish after two Chinese citizens were charged with stealing American trade secrets and other sensitive information on behalf of Beijing's main intelligence agency

End of an era: Germany closes its last black coal mine

Germany has closed the last of its black coal mines, ending an industry that fueled the country's industrial revolution and its post-war economic recovery

2 arrested for drone use in London Gatwick Airport case

British police say two people have been arrested for suspected "criminal use of drones"' in the Gatwick Airport case that has created nightmarish holiday travel delays for tens of thousands of passengers

Quantum stimulus: Congress sends computing proposal to Trump

A proposal to pump more than $1B into helping the US tech industry develop powerful 'quantum computers' is now on the desk of President Trump

Human rights group report gains traction, Twitter hammered

Amnesty International report regarding abuse of women on Twitter gains traction and shares get hammered

The Latest: China accuses US of 'fabricating facts'

China has accused the U.S. of "fabricating facts" after it charged two Chinese hackers with carrying out an extensive campaign to steal trade secrets and other information on behalf of Beijing's main intelligence agency

US charges 2 hackers with alleged Chinese intelligence ties

U.S. officials have indicted two alleged Chinese hackers who are said to have carried out an extensive campaign on behalf of Beijing's main intelligence agency

Uber resumes autonomous vehicle tests in Pittsburgh

Uber resumes testing of autonomous vehicles near downtown Pittsburgh

AP Exclusive: Facebook removes fake Bangladesh news sites

AP Exclusive: Facebook says it is shutting down a series of fake news sites spreading false information about the Bangladesh opposition days before national elections

The Latest: Drones 'highly targeted' to disrupt UK airport

He says drones pose a big strategic challenge for the aviation industry and steps must be taken to prevent future drone-induced shutdowns

Holiday chaos as drones shut London's Gatwick Airport

Drones buzzing over the runway have forced the shutdown of London's Gatwick Airport during one of the busiest times of the year, stranding or delaying tens of thousands of Christmas-season travelers

US sanctions Russians for election meddling, nerve agent use

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctions 15 Russians over hacking, interference in U.S. elections and a nerve agent attack in England

DC slaps Facebook with latest suit targeting privacy lapses

The attorney general in the nation's capital has filed a lawsuit against Facebook for allowing data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica to improperly access data from as many as 87 million users

German gets 6 years for running darknet site used to buy gun

A court in Germany has sentenced a 31-year-old man to six years imprisonment for running a web forum where illegal goods were traded, including a gun used in a 2016 shooting rampage

Uber loses UK case on worker rights, expected to appeal

Uber pledged Wednesday to challenge a U.K. Court of Appeal decision that drivers should be classed as workers rather than self-employed employees

Report: Facebook shared private messages with partners

Newspaper: Facebook gave companies deeper access to user data, letting some read private messages

US cybersecurity firm: Hackers stole EU diplomatic cables

A U.S. cybersecurity firm says that hackers have spent years eavesdropping on the diplomatic communications of European Union officials

Germany tightens checks on foreign investment plans

The German government is tightening rules on foreign investments in some sectors, including the media, to lower the threshold at which it can consider blocking such plans

Facebook purges more Myanmar accounts for misrepresentation

Facebook has announced its third and biggest purge of military-linked accounts in Myanmar, where critics have charged the social network did too little to block inflammatory material that fueled hatred, particularly against the Muslim Rohingya minority

Consumer groups allege Google misleads kids in FTC complaint

Google faces allegations of distributing deceptive, potentially dangerous apps to children on Android smartphones

Google, Facebook to pay $450K for Washington state violation

Google and Facebook are being ordered by a Washington state judge to pay $455,000 in a campaign finance violation case

Uber approved to resume autonomous car tests in Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation has approved Uber's request to resume testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in the Pittsburgh area

Launch of next generation GPS satellite postponed for 1 day

The launch of a new GPS satellite has been postponed because of an unspecified problem with the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

Correction: Britain-Statistic of the Year story

Correction: Britain-Statistic of the Year story

The Latest: Trump signs order to create US Space Command

President Donald Trump has launched the Pentagon's new Space Command _ an effort to better organize and advance the military's vast operations in space

Elon Musk's new tunnel 'a little rough around the edges'

Elon Musk unveils his underground transportation tunnel but it's 'a little rough around the edges'

Need some milk? Driverless cars start delivering groceries

The nation's largest grocery chain has leaped into the driverless delivery market

ICYMI: California withdraws 'text tax' after FCC ruling

California regulators have canceled a plan to charge a fee for text messaging on mobile phones

First private Israeli lunar mission will launch in February

An Israeli organization says that it has pushed back its launch of the first private spacecraft aiming to land on the moon

Russia social media influence efforts ongoing, report says

A report compiled by private researchers and released by the Senate intelligence committee Monday says that "active and ongoing" Russian interference operations still exist

Silicon Valley East: Google plans $1B expansion in New York

High tech's center of gravity is shifting east: Google has announced plans for a new $1 billion office complex in New York City.

Report: China is driving use of armed drones in Middle East

Use of armed drones in Mideast, driven largely by growing sales from China, is growing significantly, says new report

Colin Kroll, co-founder of HQ Trivia, found dead

Colin Kroll, a tech executive who co-founded the HQ Trivia app, has died

Next-generation of GPS satellites are headed to space

The U.S. Air Force is about to launch the first of a new generation of GPS satellites, designed to be more accurate, secure and versatile

Talks adopt 'rulebook' to put Paris climate deal into action

United Nations talks adopt 'rulebook' to put Paris climate agreement into action

Executive's arrest, security worries stymie Huawei's reach

Chinese tech giant Huawei's ambition to be a leader in next-generation telecoms is colliding with security worries abroad, while one of its top executives faces U.S. charges over trade with Iran

Detentions raise fears, cast doubt on China's policies

China's detentions of Canadians worries executives, raises doubts about commitment to reform

Apple upstages Amazon in selecting new tech hub locations

Apple upstages Amazon in selecting new tech hub locations without a circus-like contest pitting cities against each other.

Bug may have exposed photos from 7M Facebook users

Facebook says a software bug may have exposed a broader set of photos to app developers than users had granted permission for

Canada caught between 2 powers, feeling alone in the world

China has Canada in its cross-hairs, detaining two Canadians in apparent retaliation for Canada's arrest of a top Chinese tech executive on behalf of the U.S. States

Facebook hosts offline privacy 'pop-up' in New York City

Facebook hosts one-day 'pop-up' event in New York City's Bryant Park

Billionaire builds beach access app after violating rules

A tech billionaire whose wedding violated California rules has helped create a smartphone app that shows users a map of more than 1,500 spots where people can get to the coastline

The Latest: Climate delegate: 'What's the point?' of talks

The head of the Maldives delegation to the U.N. climate conference is questioning the point of the yearly summits, saying they are "failing" to produce meaningful results

Apple to build new Austin hub, expand in other tech hotbeds

Apple plans $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas, smaller locations in Seattle, San Diego and Culver City; will expand in Pittsburgh, New York and Colorado

Virgin Galactic tourism rocket ship reaches space in test

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic tourism spaceship reaches space for first time during test flight in California

Malaysia's Proton launches 1st SUV with China's Geely

Malaysian national car maker Proton has launched its first SUV in a bid to turn around its fortunes, more than a year after China's Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd. bought a key stake in the company

Report: 'High-tech' robot on Russian TV was man in suit

Russian media say a contraption presented by Russian state television as a high-tech robot was in fact a man in costume

For retailers, the smartphone is future of store experience

Retailers give shoppers more control of the store experience with high tech features on mobile apps, but there's still room for improvement

Verizon loses bet on digital ads, takes $4.6B accounting hit

Verizon's will take a steep $4.6 billion write down on its digital content business.

Canada says entrepreneur feared detained in China

Canada identifies second Canadian feared detained in China in Huawei dispute as entrepreneur Michael Spavor

Google grilled in Congress: What's ahead for tech companies

Lawmakers pepper Google CEO with questions that give inkling of the issues facing tech next year

Brands born on the internet embrace physical stores

Brands born on the internet embrace physical stores and head to the suburban malls

The Latest: Google CEO says no plans 'right now' for China

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is reiterating the company's position that it has no plans "right now" to launch a censored search engine in China.

Russian official offers to unveil correspondence with US

A top official at Russia's cybersecurity agency has offered to publish its communications with American counterparts during the 2016 U.S. election campaign

Huawei CFO gets bail; China detains ex-Canadian diplomat

A Canadian court has granted bail to a top Chinese executive arrested at U.S. request in a case that has set off a diplomatic furor between the three countries and complicated high-stakes U.S.-China trade talks