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Georgia voting fight sets the stage for Kemp’s 2022 run

Gov. Abbott declines to throw first pitch at Texas Rangers game

The governor cited Major League Baseball’s (MLB) decision to move the MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new election integrity laws.

Attorney General Carr pushes back on GA voting law

On Monday, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr joined Governor Brian P. Kemp and U.S. Representative Drew Ferguson for a press conference to highlight his office’s work to defend Senate Bill 202 in court.

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  Local representatives react to the MLB’s decision to move the 2021 All-Star game from Atlanta

Congressman Buddy Carter (R-GA1) and Georgia state Representative Derek Mallow (D-163) shared their reactions to the move, as Georgia businesses could lose millions in revenue from the decision.

  Ga. Secretary of State defends state’s new voting bill

The man charged with overseeing Georgia’s elections is defending a recently passed bill that will make several changes to election procedures in the state, even though the new measure strips some of his power away.

Court fight against Georgia voting overhaul no sure thing

Court challenges to Republican-led election restrictions in Georgia and elsewhere face an uncertain road in a legal system that has grown more conservative in recent years.

  League of Women Voters of Coastal Georgia respond to new state election law

The League of Women Voters of Coastal Georgia, a nonpartisan group, believes this law was passed in retaliation against how well Democrats did in the November general and Georgia Senate runoff elections.

  Debate continues on Georgia’s newly signed election reform bill

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill Thursday that will make changes to the state’s election process.

Georgia Gov. Kemp signs GOP election bill amid outcry

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has signed into law a sweeping Republican-sponsored overhaul of state elections.

Georgia GOP voting bills advance as some provisions dropped

Republican lawmakers in Georgia are backing away from two of the more contentious efforts to limit voting access.

Ga. state senator introduces bill consolidating Chatham Co. election-related offices

A Georgia state senator has filed a bill to create one board of elections and registration in Chatham County.

  Polls open for voting in Beaufort City Council special election

City of Beaufort residents will head to the polls on Tuesday, March 2, for a special election.

Georgia House passes GOP bill rolling back voting access

Republican lawmakers in Georgia have muscled legislation through the state House that would roll back voting access.

  Georgia Senate race at center of 2022 majority battle

The GOP is setting its sights on flipping the Senate majority next year. A key battleground will be the Peach State, where the Republicans lost the Nov. presidential election, as well as both Senate seats in the January runoffs.

  Chatham Co. election official reacts to proposed absentee voter ID law

Senate Bill 67 would require voters to send their driver’s license number or a copy of it in with their absentee ballot application.

Georgia senators pass bill to require ID for absentee voting

Georgia senators are pushing through the first of what could be a raft of restrictive voting measures.

More voting violations uncovered by Georgia SoS

The State Election Board heard investigative findings in 63 cases, and voted to refer 24 to the attorney general for prosecution.

Georgia prosecutor opens election criminal probe after Trump call

A Georgia prosecutor said Wednesday that she has opened a criminal investigation into “attempts to influence” last year’s general election, including a call in which President Donald Trump asked a top official to find enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s victory in the state.

  Early voting begins in Beaufort City Council election

Early in-person absentee voting has started in the city of Beaufort for their City Council election.

Ga. Secretary of State’s Office launches investigation into former President Trump’s phone call

The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has launched an investigation into former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the state’s election results.

Democratic Party of Ga. to discuss lawsuit filed against Gov. Kemp for 2018 cybercrime claim

The Democratic Party of Georgia is expected to discuss a lawsuit against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Georgia Senate GOP introduce bills to limit mail voting

Republicans in Georgia’s state Senate are seeking new limits and requirements before people can vote.

Georgia secretary of state investigating whether pro-Trump attorney voted illegally

An investigation is underway into whether attorney Lin Wood was a legal resident of Georgia when he voted there.

  Georgia lawmakers will likely wrangle over changes to absentee voting

There could be multiple bills proposed in Georgia that could affect future elections. Most of them are led by state Republicans.

  State lawmakers consider consolidating Chatham Co. election-related boards

Georgia State Representative Ron Stephens said the local delegation is considering introducing legislation that would combine the Chatham County Board of Elections and the Board of Registrars.