Skilled to Work

  New kitchen just the beginning for culinary students at TCL

Hospitality is one of the biggest industries in the entire world And the Technical College of the Lowcountry believes one of their newest editions will help set their students and their program apart from the crowd.

  Effingham County JROTC programs help cadets get “Skilled to Work”

Students in ECSD JROTC program find themselves ready for their next step, whether in the military, college or the work force.

  Ogeechee Tech offering classes at night and on weekends

Vocational training can help plenty of people move to better careers.

  Newly renovated facility offers state of the art education for Ogeechee Tech nursing program

A newly renovated facility at Ogeechee Tech is now offering nursing students a real world experience from the safety of a classroom.

  Culinary instructors at Ogeechee Technical College working with students during shutdown

Culinary instructors at Ogeechee Technical College say they worked with students during the shutdown, but they’re preparing now for in-person classes later this month.

  Work-based learning gives Effingham County students a head start to their future

Work Based Learning in Effingham County gives students the opportunity to basically test drive a career, in the real world.

  Skilled to Work: Cybercrime program at Ogeechee Tech

We hear about companies, even governments, hacked and held hostage online and forced to pay ransom. In Georgia, some schools are teaching students how to help combat this.

  Industrial maintenance training lab offers solution for both employers & employees

Ogeechee Tech Industrial Maintenance Training Lab is helping local employers fill a growing gap and local employees work their way to a higher skill set and income.

  Skilled to Work: New way of training for healthcare amid pandemic

Imagine you're studying for a career in healthcare, as the COVID-19 pandemic breaks out.

  Hardeeville training new workforce to fill need for growing industrial & commercial businesses

After receiving a $350-thousand grant from EJF Philantropies in 2019 The City of Hardeeville has now used that money to offer career advancement and workforce training. A program they believe will set both it’s students and the city on a path to success.

  Skilled to Work: Ogeechee Tech, Georgia Southern agree to transfer program

They may have been socially distanced, but leaders from Ogeechee Technical College and Georgia Southern University signed an Accelerated Transfer Program last week to help students move fluidly from one school to the other.

  Savannah Tech Logistics training program could set you on path to success

Savannah Technical College is now offering multiple short-term career training courses, many of which you can take without leaving your own home. Logistics is one that continues to grow even as many other businesses struggle due to COVID-19.

  Skilled to Work: CDL training

The pandemic may have canceled in-person classes at Savannah Tech and elsewhere, but Tom Amacher's trying to keep up with the demand for CDL training.

  Effingham Co. students find out how much work is needed to plan a wedding

Many married couples will tell you their wedding was the best day of their lives.

  Vocational careers looking for young people with the skills to work

Workers who once fixed our cars, our homes and more, faced dirty work and a perception that they’d settled for their careers. Today, those jobs have become more high-tech and high-paying.

  Savannah Tech CDL Program the highway to success

Driving a truck may not be something many consider for a career.But a course at Savannah Tech’s Effingham Campus offers hands on training, gets drivers on the road and into new jobs in just five weeks.Proving that a career in trucking could be the fast lane to success.

  Briggs and Stratton using Statesboro plant to train future machinists

One of the biggest engine makers in the world helps young people find their future career.

  Hands on education at Honey Ridge Plantation

Effingham College and Career Academy prides themselves in taking a different approach to education.

  Ogeechee Tech’s Heavy Diesel program

Johnny Bridges grew up in a garage, fixing cars alongside his father and grandfather.

  ECCA prepares students for work after high school

Students at Effingham College & Career Academy receive daily hands-on training in multiple fields like culinary, automotive, engineering, and health care studies.

  Ogeechee Tech anticipates enrollment increase as fall semester begins

School leaders at Ogeechee Tech are anticipating another enrollment increase. This would be the seventh straight term for numbers to go up as plenty of other schools watch theirs fluctuate.