Doggie Easter Egg Hunt

Mary Simpson & Sandy Simon from the Savannah Kennel Club
Mary Simpson & Sandy Simon from the Savannah Kennel Club

Calling all well behaved dogs and their owners.

An easter egg hunt coming up this weekend and it's not for your kids... but for your dog.

Bring a basket and join in the fun.

The Savannah Kennel Club (SKC) was incorporated in 1935; this year they will be celebrating there 89th and 90th shows. They are licensed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to hold Dog Shows, Obedience, Rally, and Agility Trials.

Many of its members are involved with their breed rescue groups and some do Therapy Dog visits to hospitals and nursing homes. SKC purpose is to promote "Responsible Dog ownership". Many people misunderstand there name believing we are a club of Kennel owners or breeders, which could not be further from the truth. The majority of its members do not breed or if they do its only when they are ready for a new puppy.

In March 2002 was the first Doggie Easter Egg Hunt. This is a public education event; there is no charge, it is a chance for local dog owners to bring out their pets for a fun afternoon of socialization with other pet owners in one of Savannah's beautiful parks. This year they have invited all of the areas rescue groups to set up a table, so if anyone is looking for a new pet they will be able to find the perfect dog. Also the K-9 team will do a demonstration to introduce to the public their important job.

This year its on April 5th. Registration is from 1:30 to 2:00. The Easter Egg Hunt will begin at 2:00p.m. Please bring a basket for eggs and water for your dog. Don't forget bags to pick up after your pet.

For everyone's safety we ask that all dogs remain on leash and have proof of current Rabies vaccinations. While children are invited, this is a Doggie Easter Egg; all children must be accompanied by adults. Each of the plastic eggs has a dog treat in them to help the dogs "find" the eggs. Some have a sticker to win a dog toy. We also have special gold eggs and our local TailSpin pet supply store has graciously donated two Baskets of doggie gifts for those special eggs.

We invite the communty to bring their well behaved dogs for an afternoon of fun.

Sunday, April 5th
Registration 1:30 -2:00
No entry fee!

Located at:
Daffin Park on Victory Drive(mall area)

For more information:
(912) 898-3999