Music Therapy

Music Therapist Dana Lee Smith & Lisa Paulson
Music Therapist Dana Lee Smith & Lisa Paulson

"Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast to soften rocks or bend a knotted oak. "

English poet, William Congreve knew that 300 years ago.

The purpose of the Music Medicine Institute (MMI) is to enhance the quality of life of persons with acute or chronic illnesses through music therapy - a collaboration between music and medicine.

MMI is accomplishing its mission by training health professionals in the therapeutic use of music and imagery, conducting research and presenting educational programs about the use of music in medical treatment and illustrating its value in clinical application.

It is providing clinical care in musical therapy, hosting educational seminars and workshops about the therapeutic use of music to optimize client/patient well-being, providing employee health promotion to corporations, and increasing international awareness of music therapy.

Founded and directed by Elizabeth Jacobi, Ph.D., RMT, FAMI, an educator, lecturer, consultant, and professional opera singer who trained in behavioral medicine at Harvard Medical School, MMI is an affiliate of the St. Joseph's/Candler Health System in Savannah, Georgia.  The Institute also its services and programs to other healthcare providers and clients/patients in 16 counties in southeastern Georgia.      

The Institute's affiliation with St. Joseph's/Candler provides the Savannah community with a music therapy program that addresses the mind, body an spirit wellness of individual patients through music interventions both in the hospital and at outpatient locations.  Currently, St. Joseph's/Candler contract employee Amy Adams, MT-BC, is helping patients in the hospital's Oncology Unit while also educating the medical staff about the practice and benefits of music therapy.


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Lisa Paulson, MT-BC, Hospice Savannah


Elizabeth Jacobi, PhD, RMT, FAMI