Heating Season Fire Safety

Cooler temperatures have a lot of us turning on the heat for the first time. Unfortunately that also means there will be more fires. This time of year is usually busy for firefighters. Many times people don't remember just how dangerous space heaters are. They need to be placed in an open area; if you put them too close to curtains, chairs or anything else, it can cause a fire that can turn deadly. The Savannah Fire Department wants to remind people of those dangers now, before it's too late.

"This is the time of year, people are going to start using space heaters, put them close to their beds to keep them warm at night, but that's not a very safe thing to do," said SFD's Brenda Dilbert.

It has been quiet so far for the fire department. Firefighters hope it stays that way.

Reported by: Aaron Vogel, avogel@wtoc.com