Alderman Jones on Accident

We're learning more about Monday night's fatal accident involving Savannah Alderman David Jones. Today Jones spoke with WTOC about that night. He is still recovering from the accident and declined a camera interview, but he did answer our questions on the phone, one of which was about whether he'd had anything to drink before he drove home.

It's been two days and police continue to investigate the fatal accident. Jones and and another car driven by Ola Brown hit head-on at the top of a viaduct Monday night. Police say they're waiting on blood tests from both Jones and Brown to see if alcohol or drugs were involved.

Today, Jones told us, "Sure, I had a couple of drinks, I was at the Mutual's Club. I had a couple of drinks, played cards, but whatever I had had nothing to do with the accident."

WTOC obtained a copy of the initial traffic report. According to the report diagram, Brown had been driving in the wrong lane when the collision occurred.

Jones went on to say, "She was crossing lanes, I was in my lane. I'm disturbed about it, I'm sorry it happened."

Again, police are waiting for the blood test results. They say it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Reported by: Elizabeth Garcia,