Chow - Retriever mix

Please help us find Teddy -- we are very worried about him & feel helpless not knowing where he is. He escaped from the yard on 61st & Bull St. on Saturday night and he was spotted near the fairgrounds Saturday night and then again Sunday morning. He has not been spotted since Saturday morning. Teddy was rescued several years ago and had been abused in his early life so he is scared of most people & situations. He probably won't come to strangers but if you see him, please call 912.303.0454 or 912.484.7378 and give a location where you may have seen him. Anything at this point would be helpful. Thank you so much. Teddy is wearing a collar & tags and he is a black & tan long-haired chow/retriever mix that weighs about 40 pounds (medium size).

The family of Teddy is offering a $500 reward.