Police Prepare for the Playaz Ball

It's the party that nobody throws but everybody shows, or at least until now. No one is sure how many will attend this weekend's Playaz Ball. Once again, the unsanctioned street party around Georgia Southern University has people guessing.

"It's uncontrolled chaos," said Chief Ken Brown of the university police. "It's just parties all over town, all over the university. Cruising, lots of cruising. And there's nothing wrong with that like I said, till it gets out of hand."

The problems come when the sun goes down, when the parties spill out of the parking lots and block the streets. Then police cars, ambulances and fire trucks can't get through.

"It's not a problem till your loved one needs an ambulance and we can't get an ambulance to them or one of the grills catches fire and catches an apartment on fire," said Brown.

Brown says they'll have law officers from across the region to keep traffic moving. Last year, police arrested more than a hundred on charges ranging from indecent exposure to drug and weapon possession. He says that presence combined with the Easter weekend and Playaz Ball could be losing its appeal. But with nothing planned in advance, Brown says only the crowd in the street Saturday night will tell them what happens next.

The party typically draws visitors from across the Southeast. It starts Saturday afternoon and lasts until early Sunday morning.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com