Mary Telfair Women's Hospital

The Mary Telfair Women's Hospital

With a full array of specialty services and advanced medical equipment, today's Mary Telfair Women's Hospital is the established leader in women's outpatient health services.

The Telfair Pavilion is comprised of specialty women's services for breast care, continence and osteoporosis. Breast screenings are also available through our Mobile Mammography Screening Unit called the "Screen Machine". The state of the art vehicle provides accessibility, convenience, comfort and privacy to anyone undergoing a cancer screening. Films are processed on the unit to prevent any delays in detecting diagnosing and treating cancer.

Telfair Breast Care Center

The Telfair Breast Care Center uses the latest technology tool to aid the detection of breast cancers. Computer Assisted Detection or CAD assists the radiologist by digitizing and analyzing mammograms for suspicious areas that may be indicative of cancer. MORE INFORMATION>>

Telfair Osteoporosis Center

Osteoporosis is a disease that gradually weakens bones, causing them to become brittle and prone to fracture. It is estimated that at age 50, a woman has nearly a 40% chance of developing an osteoporatic fracture within her lifetime. A woman's lifetime risk of hip fracture alone is equal to the combined risk of developing breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. MORE INFORMATION>>

Telfair Continence Center

Urinary incontinence (an involuntary loss of urine) affects approximately twenty million Americans and almost 70% are women. Some men may also experience incontinence related to an enlarged prostate or past prostate surgery. The Telfair Incontinence Center at Candler Hospital offers complete urodynamic testing to assist physicians in accurately diagnosing the type and possible cause of the incontinence as well as conservative (non-surgical) treatment programs. MORE INFORMATION>>

Telfair Birthplace

The birth of a child is one of life's most precious and memorable times. Each day the professional staff at Mary Telfair Women's Hospital embraces this opportunity to compassionately serve the needs of the newborns and new parents. MORE INFORMATION>>

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