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The Children's Place
at Candler Hospital

The Children's Place is located at Candler Hospital. It is a comprehensive pediatric acute care program tailored to serve the special needs of children who are sick. The Children's Place also utilizes special care and concern when providing support to the parents of sick and injured children.

The Children's Place incorporates special "kid-friendly" features including a separate treatment room, a playroom, TV and VCRs, a family oriented video library, computers, educational toys and computer games, secured access to the Internet and e-mail, and a dietary menu catered to children. Each feature is designed to ease the anxiety of a hospital stay.

A specially trained team of doctors, nurses and technicians offers the comfort and compassion necessary in helping children heal quickly and completely.

The Children's Place provides children's wellness services in conjunction with the Childhood Injury Prevention Program at St. Joseph's/Candler Health System. MORE INFORMATION & VIRTUAL TOUR>>

Bearly Sick

Bearly Sick is a childcare program for mildly ill children. It is open to Health System employees as well as our business partners. The program is available at Candler Hospital and it is located on 5 North, next to the pediatric unit. At Bearly Sick, your child will receive the special attention he or she requires during a minor illness such as a cold or the flu. MORE INFORMATION>>

Children's Place Emergency Center

The Children's Place Emergency Center is adjacent to the Emergency Department at Candler Hospital. An innovative Pediatric Emergency Department, The Children's Place Emergency Center seeks to calm the anticipation and fear most children experience when they have to come to an emergency room for medical attention. The Children's Place Emergency Center is staffed by caring and highly trained ED physicians and nurses. MORE INFORMATION>>

Juvenile Diabetes

The Juvenile Diabetes Education Program is a unique program designed to meet the needs of children suffering from diabetes. It is available to families with children ages newborn to 18. Education is tailored to each individual child with special attention to the child's stage of growth and development. The educational background of the parents and other family members is also taken into consideration in order to create an individualized program specific to that family's needs. MORE INFORMATION>>

Day Surgery

Day surgery offers patients the convenience of modern medical care. Over the years, advances in techniques and technology have simplified many surgical procedures, allowing them to be performed on an outpatient basis. With less invasive approaches - such as endoscopy, microsurgery techniques and laser technology, the recovery period from surgery has been dramatically reduced. Laser technology, with its pinpoint accuracy, considerably reduces recovery time for procedures that once required overnight stays. MORE INFORMATION>>

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