City of Midway now silent on shots fired at police chief's house

MIDWAY, GA (WTOC) - Midway Police and the city of Midway have been the target of jokes since national news reported that officers had stopped three girls from selling lemonade in their own front yard.

But the issue took a more serious turn Wednesday when preliminary reports indicated someone had opened fire with a pellet gun on the home of Midway police chief Kelli Mornigstar. After further inquiries by WTOC, Midway Mayor Clementine Washington instructed police not to discuss the shooting.

Earlier in the week, police told WTOC they'd received hundreds of complaint calls and several threats from people upset with how the police closed the girls' stand.

Many people in Midway were shocked Wednesday to hear the of the threats and the shooting.

"The way this thing has gotten blown out to the extreme of threats being made on them, that's going too far," said Jesse Brown. "You've got to know when to stop and this has done got outrageous. We're supposed to be civilized people."

However, Brown said, he feels the police should not have stopped the lemonade sale.

Washington did say the city was investigating the shooting and any threats against officers and that the city cares about its officers.

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