Dog park planned for Daffin Park; second dog park possible

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Pet owners have been barking for a dog park in Savannah, and it looks like the city will finally grant their wish.

But it's not exactly where some had hoped.

Director of Public Facilities, Events, and Services Joe Shearouse will present to the Savannah City Council a $75,000 proposal to turn the southeast corner of Daffin Park into a dog park.

The proposed plan is about 2 acres, and features a small dog area, a large dog area, and a dog run area. Shearouse expects the council to be receptive to the idea, and since the money is already in the Daffin Park Improvement Plan funds, a simple OK from the city may be all that's needed to get the project off the ground.

However, some citizens want more of Savannah's parks to go to the dogs.

Co-Owner of TailsSpin in Habersham Village Jusak Yang Bernard helped get more than 2,000 signatures on a petition to designate a dog park area at Nathaneal Greene Park.

Bernard met with the Park and Tree Commission on Tuesday and believes the meeting was successful, but isn't optimistic that anything will come of it.

"They are recommending dog parks, but I am not sure they are recommending Nathaneal Greene," Bernard said. "I think the city still needs to answer to over 2,000 petition signatures that is being handed to them, and I feel like it is being ignored right now."

"We will hear the group out on that location, but if they came to me, my recommendation would be no," said Shearouse. "That needs to remain a passive park."

However, Shearouse said the city is willing to look at other dog park locations once the Daffin Park area is open.

"After we get this one up and running, we'd like to look to the south side or west Savannah," Shearouse said. "We will start with this one, learn from this one, and go from there."

A similar idea for a dog park at Daffin Park was proposed two years ago, but got little support. Shearouse says a lot has changed since the last proposal.

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