Cotton Is Rotten: A Runner's Guide to Surviving the Heat

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In spite of record high temperatures this summer, many of us have been outside training hard for the Rock N' Roll marathon. I have been right out there in the middle of one of the biggest training programs around, the official Rock N' Roll Marathon training put on by Fleet Feet Sports Savannah. Although the weather has been absolutely miserable and dangerous, we have been putting in the miles to reach our goals.

Before I joined the boot camp programs,my favorite work out gear was a cotton t-shirt and some sweat pants. I never knew how much what I wore could affect my performance. Robert Espinoza, owner of Fleet Feet Sports Savannah, has all of us runners re-thinking what we wear. He says, "When it comes to running, cotton is rotten. You wear clothes with the wicking material. It doesn't get heavy like cotton absorbs the moisture. It actually pulls the moisture away from the body. The air tries to dry it off and it just feels like lighter while you are running. Clothing is very important. When it comes to socks, shirts, shorts, and jog bras, you have to make sure you are wearing some kind of technical fiber or you are going to wind up chafing or getting too hot. Cotton clothes will also get too heavy and that is not good when it comes to running."

Because the sun is so intense this time of year, you need to cover your head and never leave home without sunscreen. Espinoza adds, "In this hot weather with the sun shining, a hat is very important. You can get visor to protect your head and eyes. If you do, remember the same rules and do not get a cotton visor. You should get one with wicking material on it. The sunscreen that we sell here is really good because it is made for runners and extreme athletes so it is going to stay on the skin. You will not sweat it off. It will not stain the clothes and does not run into your eyes."

Speaking of your eyes, sunglasses could help your midday run.Again, do not forget that buy athletic sunglasses. They can even help with your depth perception.

You can find everything you need at Fleet Fleet Sports or any other discount stores around town, but make sure that the clothes have the wicking technology that will keep you dry and cool.

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