Sick Boy Gets Wish to Be a Soldier

Sgt. Ethan gears up.
Sgt. Ethan gears up.

Ethan Hobbs is only five years old, but you'd think he was a general with the reception he got when he arrived at Fort Stewart today. No sooner was he issued his Third Infantry uniform than he was promoted to sergeant. Ethan's parents say his biggest wish has always been to be a soldier.

"It is an honor to do what we can for him," said SFC Robert Cintron with the 178th MPs "He had one wish and it wasn't for Disney or anything like that."

You'd never know it from his laugh, but Ethan's fought rhabdomyosarcoma, a form of cancer, for two years. His GI Joe MP doll was as much a part of his treatment as the chemotherapy. "When we ask Ethan his fondest wish, what he'd want more than anything, he said, 'I want to be a GI Joe,'" Paulette Brown of the Make a Wish Foundation told us.

The local veterans chapter made him an honorary vet. Soldiers say whatever Ethan got from the visit, they got more. His admiration is an inspiration to them all. This is all part of a tour Ethan is getting of Georgia bases. Yesterday, he had basic training at Fort Benning. Tomorrow, he'll visit field maneuvers with Third Infantry soldiers. And Thursday, he'll tour Fort Gordon in Augusta.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,