Editorial feedback - 9/811

"An unprovoked war to which we finally responded, with righteous force, surprising the zealots,  who wrongly assumed we'd duck reality, again, as we'd foolishly done, by labeling such attacks as simply law enforcement matters. "

It is a shame that we allowed so many terrorist attempts to be made on our country before we finally reacted.  Clinton, not recognizing it for what it was,  seemed content with his policies of limiting communication between law enforcement officers and intelligence officials and yet placing it firmly in their hands and committing it to our courts.  Why hand the attacks over to our law enforcement while restricting their abilities to gather and share intelligence information with each other?     It took a catastrophic event before eyes were opened to what should have been obvious, basic communication between forces.   Providing the tools to intercept and obstruct terrorism might have saved the lives of many people on 9/11.   The Patriot Act was a response by government which allowed agencies to literally cut through the red tape of prior years to communicate across agencies and use surveillance equipment to monitor those suspected of possible terrorist activities.  Hopefully those suspects are the only ones being monitored!  The act tried to return a sense of safety to our wounded nation.  As a military wife, continuously moving, safety for my family strikes deep in my heart.   Attacks against our nation, our extended family, whatever the magnitude, should have been sufficient for our administration to intervene.  I am so thankful to our forces, for their unrelenting surveillance and pursuit for savages, in their attempt to maintain security at home.

I'm impressed by your writing.  Your word choice goes beyond the surface and moved me to a response.  You brought out several interesting points, just wish you had expanded on them.


Savannah, Ga.