Editorial - 10/10/11

Well, the children of means, and activists-for-hire, are on a field trip to New York, camping-out in a near-by park, so they can "Occupy Wall Street."  These mostly-young, clueless, anti-capitalist types continue their trendy-protest against the assumed-sins of our free-enterprise system, the best in the world for innovation, economic growth and prosperity, the very system that paid for their upbringing, schooling, travel and needs, as they revel in their hypocritical-nonsense.  Parasitic-throngs like this, 20-somethings, plus a sprinkling of confused elders, are far from spontaneous, instead orchestrated by extreme left-wing groups of the pro-Marxist ilk, who prefer that we subjects serve at the whim of an all-controlling Big Government.  One of their leaders said this gathering was not about reform, but revolution. We're "anarchists," said he, with a smirk. Someone might want to tell smirky-boy that, in America, juvenile-comments like that can hit a trip-wire called sedition, which in this era of radical Islamic terrorism, we no longer take lightly.

Raging against banks and corporations, rather than the government policies that actually caused the mortgage-default-dominoes, the random-demands of these economic-adolescents go from using only "green" energy; to open borders; forgiveness of all loans; to a guaranteed income, working or not. It's all about anti-capitalism, anti-responsibility, anti-freedom, in sum, anti-America, desires apparently reflecting those of the current Administration.  Said remarkable, paragon of productivity, Herman Cain, with common sense and trade-mark candor, in this land of abundant opportunity:  "Don't blame the banks. If you're not rich, blame yourself." Wisdom from one who gets-it, sadly to be ignored, by those who don't.