Editorial - 11/7/11

Other than the defense of our nation and that of our individual liberties, there's little more important, among our responsibilities, than ensuring the rigorous education of our children, so that all can become intelligent, productive and self-reliant participants in America's brighter tomorrows. A key to fulfilling that responsibility, beyond insisting on excellent teaching, is the availability of well-equipped facilities, further nurturing foundational-learning within a positive instructional environment.  It's for that very reason that we ask all local voters to say YES to the vital- continuation of EPLOST.  To be clear, this isn't an additional one-cent hike.   It's simply a continuation of an educational-support penny already long in place.  Note also that an estimated 40% of those pennies come from area visitors, by virtue of the local purchases they make.  As the saying goes, that's a mighty "sweet" deal for residents, and reason alone to renew.

The District Administration and Board, here, have done a great job managing the funds gained through that prior vote. Every project promised to voters is either well-underway or in most cases completed.  With student  outcomes here definitely on the rise, this is not the time to pull-back, or conclude, falsely, that more cuts in operating dollars could magically fund new buildings and capital improvements, needs forced on the District by the blessing of area growth, but with it, a surge in student numbers.  Be advised, if EPLOST doesn't pass on Tuesday, then all Chatham County property owners will face, of necessity, an increase in the school millage-rate. Save that expense and let our visitors help fund the new construction.  Vote YES for the continuation of ESPLOST.  Your vote will help ensure the modern facilities needed to enhance student preparation for our workforce needs of tomorrow.