Police Concerned for Safety of Kidnapped Woman

Damaris and Harold Kinlaw
Damaris and Harold Kinlaw

Police are still looking for 52-year-old Harold Kinlaw. Police say the have some new leads and they are following up on them, but haven't uncovered anything yet.

Pictured here are the two people police are desperate to find: Kinlaw and his ex-wife Damaris. Since she's been missing for more than 24 hours, police think she is in serious danger. Police say Kinlaw kidnapped her right after he shot and killed a man that was at her home.

"They had a verbal confrontation and the suspect, Mr. Kinlaw, pulled a 9mm hand gun and shot the Hispanic man three times in the chest area, and then forcefully took his ex-wife," said Sgt. Kevin Jones of Brunswick PD.

Now police say they need your help in finding a white '93 or '94 model Chevy Astro van they believe the suspect forced his ex-wife into. Police say Harold Kinlaw is a dangerous man and has kidnapped his ex-wife before. He also has a long record of violent behavior. "There are federal and state warrants out on him, quite a few of them concerning previous incidences involving him," said Sgt. Jones.

While police work on the few leads that they have, the more time that passes by, the more concern they have in finding the woman alive. "We're definitely concerned about her safety and welfare, and anyone who has contact with this vehicle or may know the whereabouts of Mr. Kinlaw or his ex-wife, please contact us," said Sgt. Jones.

Police warn that Harold Kinlaw is extremely dangerous, so if you do see him, stay away and call your local police.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com